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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Visual kei rant

*WARNING: truckload of bullshit ahead*

I need to rant. Ranting on a locked blog is nothing. I need to rant, which means I'll break my promise, but whatever. At least this ain't about relationships...

What I'm ranting about is J-ROCK IN MALAYSIA. I mean, L'Arc~en~Ciel was in Singapore. SINGAPORE!!! THAT'S A DAMN 4 HOUR DRIVE FROM WHERE I AM!!! And I missed them. Moving on.

No interest in SCANDAL, but they're J-rock too. SCANDAL and Miyavi are one of the first J-rock musicians to perform in Malaysia (only in Kuala Lumpur, I think). I remember Miyavi had a fun time at Batu Caves just before the signing event the day before the live.

Alright, then, not just J-rock. J-rock AND the entire visual kei movement. To be honest, I don't really know what defines VK now - I can't tell whether Miyavi is still visual or not. (Please, please, PLEASE don't bash, I know I'm not a loyal fan)

A while after Miyavi had his live here, he went on to perform at the Kubana Festival (no idea where that is). Now the GazettE is also performing at Kubana!!!

Someone get me tickets to go to Russia! Unless tickets to Japan are cheaper, in that case, screw Kubana and fly me to Japan. I'll wait for Uruha-sama in his studio (if I can find it).

Other than that, Malaysia, please bring in more visual kei musicians! We fans will be eternally grateful (and most likely will be very willing to spend on the tickets).

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