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Sunday, February 3, 2013

To drive

When others are driving, one would typically not realize really how intimidating the road is. Vehicles - large and small - seem daunting because you know they can't read your mind, and you them.

Sure, many of us will excitedly go for lessons, and laugh nervously over our mistakes, which are calmly pointed out to us by our driving instructors (I had the good fortune of getting a young, patient instructor). But on the real road, there's no such things as honest mistakes - you make a mistake, and you risk your life and others'.

But if you really were to drive, you'd have to practice. Like all other things - practice makes perfect. Of course, first attempts are rarely perfect. Even after driving for over a year, I still bump into curbs (my poor rims...). Practicing driving, I almost hit a motorcycle and almost got into trouble.

But still, I drove myself to and fro campus practically everyday. Sometimes, I act as a chauffeur (to not-very-enthusiastic people). Slow practice and experience now makes me a substantial driver, of course not perfect, but better than I was, and much more confident.

For the people around you, they should be supportive, of course. I had the privilege of my sister quoting Seth from The Pacifier the first moment she entered my car - "we're all gonna die" (she's much more comfortable now).

My older sister has not much confidence in my distance gauging. My friends know I like to speed, so they would do quite a lot to try avoiding being in any car with me behind the wheel for long drives.

But then again, I drove mostly alone, to and fro campus. I drove to uncharted territory alone, equipped only with verbal direction from Jasmine to Bangsar Village (for Royce' Chocolate vouchers which I later lost).

Though I do admit, certain types of people drive worse than others. Especially many lady drivers - they scare the living daylights out of me. I should highlight, though, that I know many ladies, including my mother and many of my friends, who drive very well. I have a classmate who participates in dirt racing, and she's one smokin' babe.

People who encourage you to actually get on the road to get experience is genuinely helping you, because experience is like masturbating - only your own hand will get you there. Everyone gets experience by doing, and putting it off doesn't help anything.

AND ANYONE ELSE WHO SAYS LADIES ARE SHITTY DRIVERS IS GETTING THE FINGER FROM ME. Do not generalize, please. There are also male drivers who drive like complete limp pricks.

If confidence is the problem, allow yourself a little more time getting from A to B. Slowly build your confidence and experience, and sooner or later, you'll be the awesomest driver!


Blogging with music now is definitely not a good idea. My train of thought keeps getting derailed, especially under the influence of 5% of alcohol. =P You might want to ignore this post, because it's really just a personal rant about men calling women shitty drivers.

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