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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music favorites + new discoveries

To say that music defines my life is kind of an understatement. I'll listen to anything that sounds good - from classical, opera, to techno, and hard metal (usually my foremost preference). But then again, if you look around, "music defines my life" would be more applicable to those who really live with music, for the music. I am merely another person on earth who listens to music. =)

So, here are a few of my favorites, especially in the past month or so.

RELENT You Still Love
I've been listening to this since I started volunteering for CYW. I could safely say RELENT is the only local band that I actually like. This would be a song that I might have performed at my wedding (if it ever happens), and the band members are really friendly, especially vocalist Neil, and percussionist Cuzario. =D

曲婉婷 我的歌声里 (Qu Wan Ting You Exist in My Song)
I think in the later part of 2012, this was the hit song in Malaysian. Performed by Malaysian Wanting, the song has been voted for over and over again on various music stations (I listen to OneFM). It's a song Jasmine and I like to sing along to.

Rie Tanaka Ningyo Hime (Mermaid Princess) [Chobits ED2]
This used to voice my feelings so much - of clinging to every strand left, never letting go. Although those thoughts are pretty much behind me, it's a song I like to sing along to. Romanji lyrics and translation here.

the GazettE PLEDGE
Emotional, intense, and the lyrics are just beautiful. The guitars, the bass, the drums, Ruki's voice - every emotion screamed from this song... Romanji lyrics everywhere, and the translation here.

Roxette Listen to Your Heart
I have a soft spot for love songs with a touch of rock, like this song here. My sister and I used to put it on replay while playing MapleSEA.

Tainaka Sachi Saikou no Kataomoi [Saiunkoku Monogatari ED]
Another anime song. It's impossible to be addicted to anime while not getting addicted to their songs. Modern Japanese songs have almost always stood out from the crowd for me, and this is just one of the songs that I used to hate ('cause I couldn't reach the high notes), but came to love slowly.

Utada Hikaru First Love
According to my friends, this was THE hit song when we were in primary school. The thing is, my first Hikki song was Flavor of Life, and I didn't hear of First Love until only recently. In primary school, I was following the trend, listening to Britney, Avril, and some Taiwanese pop groups. Now it's a song I sing to annoy my sister. =D

Jade from SWEETBOX 1000 Words [Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack]
No person can be qualified as an FF fan if they don't know this song. This was THE song when I was in my early years of secondary school, just when I started discovering Gackt, hyde (and subsequently L'Arc~en~Ciel), Miyavi, and the GazettE, followed by many other visual bands.

The lyrics of this song are just beautiful:

Oh, a thousand words
Called out through the ages
They'll fly to you
Even though I can't see
I know they're reaching you
Suspended on silver wings

If you listened to the song while actually playing the video game, I can guarantee that you'll need tissues to try your tears.


Now for some new discoveries. Lately I haven't really been musically adventurous, playing the few songs above again and again and again, without really getting tired of them. Just a few days ago, though, I decided to try out some new music.

Guns N' Roses November Rain
I have a guy on my Facebook friends list called November Rain, and I have a few friends who are rock enthusiasts. I was listening to songs like Hotel California and Every Breath You Take, and found this on the suggestions box. I told myself, why not? I am now officially completely awed by Slash's badass-ness.

Davide Sonar Natural
I'll be honest. I've never really liked techno until I started listening to J-rock. I'm not a party person (even if I wanted to), but I like songs with a beat. In a way, I came across this by accident, and it just totally blew my mind. My first dose of Italian hardstyle, and I'm lovin' it!

Davide Sonar Dedication
You can rest assured that this will be only music in my room for the next week or so. I'll have it on replay until my ears burst from an overload of auditory orgasms.


I know. The video has been under editing for more than two weeks already. I'm trying really hard not to rip my hair out, because the software I'm using to edit the video now stalls a few seconds every time I do something.

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