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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday blues

Today was basically the funnest day of class in semester 2 up until now. I took to the gym just shy of 8am, despite all the "precautions" about not doing vigorous exercise after the piercing. Instead of running, which I tried to do, but resulted in pain, I did 5km of power walking.

I walked at the speed of a slow jog, with varying inclinations, which resulted in my legs becoming somewhat numb after that. Power walking burns a little less calories than alternating between running and fast walking, but I made up for that by clenching my hands into fists and swinging them, imagining that I was in Real Steel. Oh, yeah, the heavy dose of heavy J-rock helped. =D

12pm was Innovative Media lecture, and I thought it'd be the same old mundane stuff. I was wrong, however, when Mr Alex told us that we'd be doing Final Cut Pro and GarageBand.

I've vaguely learned video editing on FCP with Mr Beh in FICM previously, but editing, at that time, wasn't too much of an interest, and I later found out that I work better with more basic interfaces like Windows Movie Maker.

We were taught the basic trimming tools, then we moved on to GarageBand. I've seen seniors using it before, but only from afar. GarageBand is a software (only supported on Apple Mac) that allows you to compose your own music, either digitally, or by plugging in your instrument (that is compatible with Apple Mac) and recording directly.

Kinder Maxi Chocolate. Awesome creaminess~

We had a lot of fun doing random tracks, changing the instrument types, changing the pitch and tempo, then forming it into a completely random track with various sound effects. Meanwhile, we shared some chocolate that Jeanna brought.

Right after Innovative Media was Media Writing. My tutorial class is on Wednesday, so I had no idea what all the hype was about, until the whole lecture actually started.

The topic was crisis management, and we created a mock press conference each for four different crises, with a PR agency taking the questions from the rest of the class (about more than 70 people?), who acts as media.

Photo from Miri Ben-Ari's official Facebook page.

According to Miss Natasha (who strongly resembles Miri Ben-Ari), any crisis management press conference will be like war against a fort - the PR agency puts up a wall to protect them and their client, while the media just keeps attacking and attacking. In a way it was frustrating as it was fun.

I hadn't had lunch at the food court in so long, that I kinda missed the "jumping spaghetti" from the Western stall. It's basically just greasy aglio e olio with a chicken frankfurter, but it costs only RM3.90. It's cheaper than a cup of bubble tea from Chatime; or a breakfast set from Subway.

We mulled around, then decided to just go to class. Clase de la Espanol is starting to get a teensy bit boring, because we've gone past the fun part, which is chaining up phrases and greetings and making simple conversation. We're now onto the grammar, and how to differentiate feminine nouns from masculine nouns.

It's seldom that I see drivers like myself on the road, but I met one today, driving the same car as I do - the Proton Satria Neo. His/hers is slightly modified, with extra lights and body kit, but his driving style was the same as mine.

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