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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun

This morning I had to go to campus for some assignment stuff, and I was appalled by the lack of traffic - it was almost empty all the way. Perhaps it had to do with the weekend and Hari Raya Haji. Oh, well, it helped me break my previous speed record. =x

After our assignment consultation, we did some video editing for another assignment, then we headed out for brunch. We didn't know really where to eat, so we settled on a place where Jeanna suggested, which was near Murni.

Nutmeg juice.

The place sells Penang pork noodles, and gives you the options of rice vermicelli, kuay teow, and/or yellow noodles, as well as the option of an egg. I don't know how many drinks are actually available, but I had the same thing Jeanna had, which was a nutmeg juice.

Pork noodles

The noodles contained a few slivers each of veggies, pork liver, pork intestines, deep fried pork fat, as well as slivers and bits of juicy pork. The egg was cooked in such a way that the yolk was still squishy, but not the kind of runny yolk. Basically, the entire bowl of noodles was quite oily, especially when I ordered kway teow (usually oilier because they need to use oil to keep the noodles separated).

The soup was nothing really special, to me. It tasted like the kind of soup that you'd typically find for a bowl of pork noodles. I expected something a little more unique, since Jeanna mentioned that usually you'd have to wait about an hour for your noodles.

I shall assume that the lady in pink is the lady-boss.

Where ambiance and environment is concerned, it's pretty basic - default interior tiling with simple foldable plastic tables and plastic chairs. The drinks station is at the back, along with the TV, and the noodles are cooked at the entrance of the place.

When it came time to pay, though, I was pretty surprised. I ordered a small kway teow with an egg, and a mug of nutmeg juice. It totaled up to RM10.80. Even Jasmine, who ordered basically the same thing as us, but a teh-C ice instead of a nutmeg juice, had to pay RM8.80.

Iced milk tea isn't very expensive, the most one would typically charge is RM2.00. It means that the bowl of noodles is almost RM7.00, which is, in my opinion, not really worth it.

Verdict? Not eating here again. It's really too pricey.

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun
No. 3, Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Petaling Jaya.

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