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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A somewhat adventurous day

October 3rd

I woke up at the ripe time of 7.15am. Which is about an hour and 15 minutes later than the time I was supposed to wake up. The moment I glanced at myself at the mirror, I sorta started cursing my love for October - the 10th month of the year is obviously not being very nice to me, or some other friends for that matter. My eye was still swollen, and even worse than the day before.

The only one that looks decent.

I rushed to campus, and thankfully I didn't need to park too far away. Sat in class, along with Melissa, to observe how our presentations were to be critiqued. Turns out that our lecturer was really observant, and extremely critical, but in a way that it helps us identify what to do and what not to do.

During management lecture, I had a cold, wet tea bag over my swollen eye. It did reduce the swelling significantly, but then again it still had a redness to it. After lecture was a short meeting to decide on the logos we were most likely to use for an assignment.

Drawing has never been a strength for me, but in a way, typography and calligraphy is. I write (literally) much better than I draw, at any point of time. A few of my fonts were used for the selection, which kinda made me happy. =D

I then skipped off to the campus clinic to ask about my eye. All I was told was to either see a doctor, or just wait for about a week, and it will subside soon. My right eye has been swollen since the previous day, but I managed to make it shrink back to almost normal size. The next morning (today), it swelled up almost twice the size that it was the previous day.

Vivian and I then proceeded to go to Mid Valley. We've been waiting for this moment for quite some time - our belly piercings. I wanted to get one because I needed some physical change after some emotional downturns. Read more about my piercing experience here.

After the piercing, we had a simple lunch of porridge with fried dough sticks, and went home respectively. I took a bath, then waited for my sister to get ready. We left late, went through lots of traffic, went 140km/h on a 90km/h speed limit highway, but got there just in time.

I thought I was really late for class, so I weaved through traffic like no tomorrow. I was 20 minutes early - I forgot that class started at 6.30pm, and not 6pm. Spanish class proved to be getting really fun - we were having conversations, adding more and more variations to the questions we could ask each other.

At the end of the class, we were given a certain "project", which is a presentacion en Espanol. A presentation in Spanish, complete with a Rubik's.

I drove home, everything was fine, until I got off the car and locked it. I forgot my folder of notes, and wanted to unlock it to get them. *BAM!* It refused to open. No matter how many times I turned the key, it didn't budge, and from the feel of it, the mechanism seemed to have dislocated or something.

My mum called her mechanic, and I called a few friends, one who stated the fact that my car is the stupidest car in existence. My mum's mechanic came with his wife and son, tried for half an hour before they gave up. Twisted a wire hanger, and tried to pull up the latch lock. To no avail.

I called one of my friend's friend, and he brought along two other "kaki"s to help me with my car. I also called my sister's boyfriend, who arrived shortly after the second batch of people did. Soon enough, my one, miserable, useless car was being gently dismantled at certain areas by 4 guys.

Tried sticking things down the side of the window, playing around with fuses, etc. At last, after a lot of trying and adjustments, the guys managed to pull up the latch lock, and a few things were set in place in case something like that every happened again.

An appointment at a workshop has been scheduled, and my car is basically still functioning. Just have to take a few precautions so that it doesn't end up like that again. Ever.

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