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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ron's 21st

Technically speaking, his birthday is on the 10th, but that's a Monday, so the party was on the 8th. I was invited via a Facebook event invitation, and to be honest I was quite ... happy? I don't know how to describe that feeling - I'm a socially awkward penguin most of the time, and the only parties I'm direct invited to are usually strictly within my group (5-6 people) only.

The event time was 7pm, and so I was ready and made up (brown smoked with a hint of dark forest green) by 6.30pm, and went through a traffic jam for about a half hour before I could get onto the highway and finally get there.

The street he lived on was pretty long, but it was obvious as to which was his house because of the red-and-white striped gazebo. Parked a certain distance away and gingerly walked to his house ... to find out that he was still at work.

The only people there at that time were some of the neighbor's kids and his relatives. I had dinner (catered by Le Oriental Catering) before anyone near my age came in, and to be honest the food wasn't bad. The home-made Hakka stuffed tofu was interesting, given that the only Hakka style food I've had was Hakka mee, another version of stuffed tofu, and a steamed fish a la Hakka style.

I refrained from any attempts to go for a second round, because for one, my weight finally went from 55.7kg to 54.3kg (not much but still feeling really good about myself); two, ... I don't think there's a two. Unless two is being too full, and the dress I was wearing wasn't too tummy-flattering.

About an hour after I arrived, the star of the show finally showed up, with his gem on his arm. Reason for being late? Prettifying the gem of a girl~ XD

We had a few rounds of card games (and I got to know some new people), and for the first three rounds my luck was awful, or I was just so woozy from the ONE CAN OF BEER that I couldn't recognized that card that we marked out as the 'loser card'.

The cake was good - about 1/3 an inch of cream (I never mind extra cream as long as it's nice), on a layered moist chocolate cake, decorated with various fruits, and chocolate pastry cream for the words. I was actually tempted to go for a second round, but it was late at night and I love my current figure (according to my mum, too anorexic-looking) more than cake ... I think. Or my self-control just got much better.

We had a short round of picture-taking, in which we were supposed to be making ugly faces, and apparently I won. Are the faces I make really that ugly? XD

We went back to playing cards, by which time my luck took a 180 degree turn - I got exactly 21 points for each round of blackjack (almost). A bottle of very mellow red wine was opened, the birthday boy brought out the Uno cards, and after that game I was on the way home.

I find that it's a milestone already for me - I don't need to dramatically break down in tears whenever I see a loving couple. On the contrary, I actually feel more ... happy, I think. Perhaps happy that others are finding happiness, when my own (the one that I desire, anyway) evades me? Who knows?

Sorry for the pictureless post - I didn't dare take any photos with my broken phone, and can only rely on others' phones to take pictures (check my Facebook page, under the contact tab).

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