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Saturday, September 15, 2012


September 14th is Miyavi's birthday.

After going to the Miyavi live, I've joined a Facebook group exclusively for Malaysian Co-Myvz. Trust me, the people in there are hardcore J-rock fans, and stalk Miyavi.

One of the members posted a link to the International Co-Myvz Crew Tumblr page, in which they wrote that they planned to make a video with the theme "Miyavi is...", and send it to him on his birthday. I purposely put on make-up, wrote 'Miyavi' on my cheek, and filmed my entry.

On his birthday, there were so many Miyavi tributes going around, and Miyavi himself was contantly tweeting, and at the end of the day he thanked everyone for their lovely birthday messages.

Also, the international Co-Myvz Crew uploaded the birthday video on Youtube, and sent it to him. He tweeted about it as well~

I watched the video, and I couldn't believe what I saw - my entry was the second one. My segment starts at 0:40, and you can see my plastic-wrapped yukata, and dresses at the back.

Miyavi is the one who made me fall in love with visual kei, and told me all I need to do in life is stay true to myself.

It's amazing - there are so many Co-Myvz all over the world, so many whose lives changed because of him.

Proud to be a 仔雅 !

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