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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A bout of recent events

The recent days were spent at Jasmine's house, rather than the uni gym. This was partially due to the involvement of the BF.

Anyway, my mum's birthday had passed. My sister made a three-course dinner - a fruit salad with spicy vinaigrette for starters, a homemade (non-cream based) mushroom soup, and for the entree, a platter of asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon, a head of broccoli, chicken roulade with carrot filling, potato gratin with egg and cheese, and the highlight being the cod fish, slowly bathed in butter and served with Hollandaise sauce.

Stencil made by the twerp, but due to the overdusting of cocoa powder, it looked really chunky.

Dessert was my trademark (so to speak) tiramisu, but the three-course meal itself was so filling that it had to wait another day.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Instead of the usual gym or one-on-one basketball, we girls were joined by BF and his classmate, who was rather annoying, but yet he made the entire situation less awkward.

Prawn wanton noodles (RM6) with honey jasmine tea (RM3). The honey milk (RM3) is also a good selection.

We started with basketball until the sun was too much for everyone. We switched to badminton, going back to the place where we met the stalker (and he still works there). We played for around an hour, and then had some delicious egg noodles at ... I forgot the restaurant's name, but the noodles are hand-made, and the texture and taste are phenomenal. It's well worth the money at approximately RM6 per bowl.

After lunch we were supposed to go home, but Jasmine had to go to the bank and everyone had half a mind to watch a movie at The Mines. We went to the bank, but there were no movies available, and so we entered BrewBall.

First time in a snooker/pool center, and except for the heavy tobacco smell, it was alright, as in not packed with perverted-looking people. I'll be honest, that game was my first game of pool, so was it for the BF. It was quite fun, really.

A round of Chatime and we were headed home.

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