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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My recent adventures

Let's start with Monday. I just had an urge, so to speak, to go out for a drive, and since my BF was having afternoon classes I decided to take the opportunity as a "one stone two birds" chance.

The next day (Tuesday), I took a drive to Seri Kembangan/Serdang to meet up with Jasmine for a game of badminton. I got lost, needless to say, but thank god she found me. We first went to 3K, where a very surly, sleepy-looking staff attended to us. The courts were all booked until 1pm, and we were there at around 11am.

Jasmine asked around and got us to the "new" badminton court in Serdang. She parked, I asked for one court for an hour from a pretty good-looking, but slightly mentally challenged guy. We started playing, talking quite loudly about my BF and some other various things.

Once in a while Jasmine would spot the admin watching from the entrance of the large, echo-inducing sports center (which has huge Fleet and Li Ning banners). Halfway through the game, the admin came in requesting both our names and phone numbers. Naturally, we thought it was part of the procedure for registration or whatnot, so wrote down our numbers on a small piece of paper.

I regretted doing that. A while later, he came back with another small piece of paper:

Jasmine and I sorta freaked out and a couple more games later we left the place after changing into some fresh clothes. I seriously wonder how Jasmine drives in Serdang (duh, she lives there) - it was like Happy Garden to me: every street looked the same.

Anyway, Jasmine was driving, and we happened to go through a school area, and at that time it was just after school, where parents and guardians all crowd the streets, double- and triple-parking, not batting an eye to the congestion they're creating.

We were almost out of that area, when suddenly a giant construction trailer came in. We freaked out. We couldn't move, and there was just enough space for the trailer and perhaps another large motorcycle, and that was it. We were wedged between a regular sedan, and risking being squished by the large trailer. Thank god we made it out.

We went to The Mines for lunch. This place was like our current-day Mid Valley Megamall many years ago - my family would come here every fortnight or so to shop around. It's been I think a decade since I last set foot in this mall, and there I was, with Jasmine.

Lunch was pretty interesting. Jasmine wanted to eat at Shihlin, which is a franchise that essentially sells fried chicken chops. Shihlin chicken chop is a popular Taiwanese snack, which is a battered chicken fillet that is deep fried until golden brown. The first time I ate it was, needless to say, at Taiwan Dami.

Happy Lunchbox @ Shihlin Taiwan Street Food. RM9 (a la carte). RM10.50 for set including a drink.

Jasmine and I both ordered the Happy Lunchbox, which consists of rice, a generous amount of chicken (original or spicy), and some deliciously cold, smooth tofu and century egg bits. Compared with Dami, Shihlin is definitely more generous in terms of meat, in reference to the chicken to batter ratio. And I'm happy to say that I find that this particular meal was worth my money.

We then had some Chatime (I mistaken one of the staff for my stalker ex, which gave me a real fright), and wandered around until I saw Sasa. I'm still looking for the PedEgg Professional, by the way. I first checked to see if they had Gucci Envy (perfume), which I really like, but only have the sample vial.

While Jasmine looked for some false lash glue, I checked out the prices for some Liese products. We then headed randomly to Daiso. I found that this branch, though rather empty, better than the branches at Sungei Wang Plaza and Sunway Pyramid. I found some of the things that I needed, but only purchased one - a sunvisor CD slot-pocket.

Passing by Sasa again I remembered that my shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow was already drying up (it's flaky and chunky), and I remembered that Sasa sold Canmake products. Surely enough, the Canmake Eyeshadow Base that is used by sasakiasahi (manwomanfilm) was on the tester shelf, but the actual product itself was nowhere to be seen.

After some more walking, we started back to her house, and OMG Brownie was so skinny. It was like letting Dukie's fur grow to it's optimum length, then shaving him completely. We watched a bit of Hello Baby (SNSD's and MBLAQ's), then went up to her room for a little make-up talk.

I was given a walk-through on how to get home, in case I got lost again. It was quite easy to get out actually. And the reason I got lost in the first place is because I turned somewhere I wasn't supposed to (story on that later). Reached home in one piece, and after installing my CD pocket and inspecting some bumper damage done by an invisible item, I scratched my side mirror slightly.

My darling Proton Satria Neo 1.6M. My other love~

Lord, kill me. I love this car. Contrary to what I have thought, a manual is really easy to drive, and since my car is a 1.6, it's really powerful and acceleration is like heaven (feels like a character in Fast & Furious or Need For Speed). But then I seem to be doing so much damage to it that I feel thoroughly guilty. Here comes the motherload: THIS CAR IS MY BABY.

Anyway onto how I got lost. Jasmine has driven me to her house before, and I thought that it would be easy-peasy given that I've double checked the route via Google Maps. After the round-about at the Palace of the Golden Horses, I was supposed to drive until I found a small lane, leading from the Bukit Jalil Highway into the industrial area of Serdang.

Instead of going through that small lane, I took the "highway", which is quite new from the looks of it, and ended up somewhere familiar, yet I didn't know how to get out. Half an hour past our pre-determined meeting time, Jasmine called up. She found me and drove me to her house.

The route she took was the place I was spinning around a couple of times before - a bunch of industrial-looking car workshops. My Nokia GPS directed me to go down a road by going over a half-meter tall curb when I was driving around, then Jasmine just led me through the entrance to that road - a height-limit road, which I saw cars coming out, but not going in, so I wrongly assumed that it was a one-way street.

This morning I woke up around noon, with my grandma telling me that there was a packet of beehoon for my lunch. However I had another destination - campus. I'm not having classes, I'm just going there to retrieve what's mine.

Just last night while checking my finals results, I say an announcement on the Taylor's portal saying that the 1Malaysia book vouchers are available for distribution again. Drove via a rather empty Bukit Jalil Highway onto the LDP all the way to campus just for those RM200 book vouchers and a Maxis reload of RM10, and for that reload I had to sacrifice RM5.90 on a cup of Chatime for the twerp (initially I just went to Chatime to check whether Brian was there since he said on Facebook that he was working there).

I lost two entire night's worth of sleep for my finals, and all that discomfort and fatigue paid off. Not the perfect straight As, but it's much better than I anticipated. Even for those subjects that I didn't understand a word I was reading, I passed, and quite nicely as well. I expected the entire thing to be covered in Cs, but there was no C in sight - Bs and As were the ones that dominated my results, and I'm really thankful for that.

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