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Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Earring Holder

I have lots of costume jewelry, and since I got my piercings, I've been obsessed with earrings. Right now I only have a collection of 6 pairs.

Recently I had to clear out the cupboard that I usually used to store my back-up skin care items, nail polishes, and accessories to make room for my aunt who's coming over to stay soon. My earrings were almost completely strewn all over the bottom of the cupboard, leaving only a little space for other stuff.

What inspired me were two large, chunky plastic hooks on the top of the door of the cupboard that has been there for a decade. I tried to make do with those hooks, but they were too close together.

What I used was:

  • two adhesive hooks from my mum's stash
  • basic white thread
  • a bamboo skewer that has it's sharp end cut off.

This works only for those earring "boards" that come with something like a back "hook" running all along the back of the thing.

What I did was just stick the two adhesive hooks to the door of the cupboard, below the two chunky hooks mentioned earlier. I then made some loops with the thread by tying the ends together, then twisting it once like you would with a rubber band. From that double loop I made a smaller loop to loop over the hooks.

In the free ends of the thread loops goes the blunted bamboo skewer. I initially wanted to secure it with some blue tack, but it wouldn't stick. So now the only thing that's keeping the skewer in place are the earrings weighing it down.

This is completely temporary. Sooner or later the earrings are gonna be back where they were, strewn all over the place, and the hooks will most probably be for my small pouches or whatnot.

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