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Friday, February 24, 2012

Make-up day~

I think I've mentioned this twice, and this will be the third time - I have a friend that needs smokey eyes and/or false lashes. She came over today and we had some fun.

I felt like a bloody make-up teacher (but obviously I just made some fun out of myself), displaying all my vanity possessions on the small low table in my AV room on the carpet, with the air conditioner on and with refreshments and snacks laid out. Yes. I often overreact and get overexcited.

Anyway, we started the day with some movies, namely Shrek Forever After. Grandma had some fried rice cooking, so halfway through we devoured two plates each of that scrumptious fried rice. Somewhere near the end of the movie we started the adventure.

She has three eye shadow pots from Harajuku Lovers (a line created by Gwen Stefani) - a silver, a dusty purplish blue and a dark grey, which I find is a very good combination for smokey eyes.

I'll say this - Jasmine is the kind of girl who looks best without make-up. She is naturally pretty, with good skin and large eyes. And she also has long curly hair, and is pretty slim, too. Where friendship is concerned, I don't think I would ever find a better friend.

Anyway, I whipped out my 120 palette and found the nearest, if not exactly, the three same colors as she had and did a standard smokey make-up on my right eye, at the same time she did as I did, and I tried my best to explain all that I've learned from various make-up blogs and videos, but I kinda partially failed.

The look came out pretty sexy. I added some false lashes to the mix, and I finally know how to apply false lashes without getting lash glue all over my eye and hands and ruining all my shadow - use tweezers. And less glue really is better than throwing on a gianormous chunk of it.

I love the overall look, but the false lash spine could get some more work - no matter how I traced my liquid liner over the top of the lash spine, it still looked kinda filmy, and that's not the deep, intense, matte finish I was looking for. However, the entire look itself looked better with some false lashes. Best to use some simple, but defined lashes, not too much volume. It adds some elegance to the dramatic eye shadow, but doesn't overpower the entire look.

Before and after.

I kinda touched up a bit here and there after I've applied the false lashes to balance out everything. Should I do a piccie tutorial? Here's what I used for the looks, in order of application (I should make a chart of the 120 palette for you guys soon):

  1. [base] shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow in Beige
  2. [highlight] shade #5 from 120 palette
  3. [base color] shade #32 from 120 palette
  4. [outer corner] shade #9 from 120 palette
  5. [eyeliner] Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Liner in Pure Black
  6. [mascara] MaxFactor False Lash Effect in Black
  7. [eyebrow] The Face Shop Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Black
  8. [false lashes] Daiso Make up-Make up Accessory No. 50
  9. [liquid liner] Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black
  10. [under-eye concealer] The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation in 05

I love how the look came out uber dreamy, mysterious, sexy yet captivating and hypnotizing.

Played around with Picnik's Eye Color function.

We were watching Final Fantasy VII Advent Children by now. To be honest, there are two reasons why her make-up looked weird: one, I really, really, really seldom see her in make-up; two, as I said before, she's the prettier-without-make-up kinda of girl.

Before she left, we finished up the last of the FF movie, and though a tad awkward, I find her company sort of comforting.

On a more dim note, the guy I talked about that we met at the badminton center? Yeah. He's been pestering mainly me with text messages saying 'I love you'.

I don't wanna be so bad, but since I'm going to hell in every religion anyway, I'll have to say that this dude has the maturity of a 10-year-old. Hello? You don't even know me. So you know my name and my phone number. So what? You don't know my hobbies, you don't know my interests, you don't know what my skills are. You've met me once, and I'm flattered that you find my friend and I pretty enough for your undivided attention. However, you should save your money and effort and just tick off, please. I could've been a friend, but now I don't want to have anything to do with you.

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