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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A great new year countdown!

By far this has been the best new year's celebration EVER. Though I've known them for only less than a year, it's like I've known them longer than my high school friends (no offense meant). Nothing beats lots of laughter during a celebration and laying down all other discomforts and overcoming obstacles just to have fun!

2pm, after my room was invaded by four dusty, dodgy men, I got everything I needed and went to Jasmine's house with her on the wheel. Supposedly they just got back from the market and Jusco while shopping for the barbecue (a.k.a BBQ) stuff.

The girls watching TV
Yevon buried under lots of cushions.

We waited only when Chien Min arrived that we started marinading the chicken wings, which was actually quite pointless since there won't be much flavor penetrating the meat, but with some help, the chicken wing I got was OMG succelent~


A few of us crazy girls were constantly going in and out of the kitchen (except Jessica who sat watching K-pop), preparing the sausages, fruits, seafood, etc. I'll be honest, I was most excited about Brownie, Jasmine's mini poodle who had been out grooming. OMO he was so cute!!! Just wanted to kidnap him home and ask my mum to keep him~

Halfway through BBQ-ing, we took a short trip to the nearby playground - imagine a large group of teenagers over 18 fighting (figuratively) with six- and seven-year-olds over the swings. I think we stayed there for over half an hour at the least, because by the time we walked back the sky was dark.

Truthfully, there wasn't much to choose from - chicken wings, marshmallows, some seafood, sausages, and that was it of the BBQ stuff. We were seriously lacking in some ingredients for certain dishes, but we made it up with lots of jokes, chat and laughter.

The BBQ ended with a round of showers. Silly me only brought an extra T-shirt, while some others brought the entire set of fresh clothing. After a lot of jokes, laughing like hyenas and "hamsap"-ing, we took a drive out to the nearby PitStop cafe for a round of drinks.

Since I didn't get my fill for dinner I had some white sauce pasta and a giant cappucino bubble tea for supper. Talk about new year resolutions. We passed the first few minutes of 2012 with a round of sparkling grape juice (thanks to Quinie) and lots of fireworks, the nearest one just down the street from where we all were.

I'm really sorry for the really dry and seemingly unwilling description of my countdown, but I just got back from it and am a little tired from all the fun~ Also I apologize for the lack of pictures. I do have some pretty fireworks piccies but Blogger image uploader is showing no mercy.

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