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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Who doesn't encounter food everyday? May it be the same things every single day, or something new for each day, or even a few new discoveries every once in a while! Bear with me though, I've not found an interesting enough topic to blog about just yet, and somehow I just can't pick my butt up to do a picture tutorial on make-up.

The ever popular Ritter Sport a la Mousse au Chocolat. Since I don't understand French I had to take the Chinese description - it basically dark chocolate with a chocolate cream filling. Whether it's because I ate it straight out of the fridge, it tasted and felt all round the same.

This was another banana-cream-Oreo-honey-chocolate blended concoction. Sometimes when I'm feeling like it I make an "energy shake" if there are bananas. I end up making it into a high calorie, high fat and high sugar blended paste by adding random bits of cream, milk, Oreos, Kit-Kats, honey, and topped it all off with marshmallows. There goes my new year's resolution.

My mum brought a few of these (single truffles only) home one day. After trying the Jack Daniels Swiss Chocolate, we kinda looked everywhere for it, and since this was in the office my mum brought home one each. Compared to the Swiss Chocolate, this is absolutely nothing - the chocolate bar was beautifully creamy, and the centre was filled with beautiful Jack Daniel's whiskey. This tasted like one of the Japanese truffles my aunt used to bring home every year, except the texture of this truffle is much smoother.

Lots Matcha Green Tea ice cream. Being a Japanese freak and a potential "health food" seeker (though I don't really stay true to that name), I love Japanese green tea, especially matcha, especially matcha or green tea ice cream. The last best one I've tasted was the one from Maiu Japanese Buffet. Lots can be found at Sunway Pyramid (no idea about other branches though) somewhere near Moo Cow. This ice cream is kinda like the Japanese version of the McD sundae cone - smooth and soft, and very flavorful.

Now I didn't actually eat this (I stole some from my friends), but the toppings were not bad, however the yogurt, to me, was a tad too sour. Moo Cow can be found in Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion KL. It's signature feature? The ginormous cow at the booth. The one at Sunway Pyramid moos really loudly (and rather annoyingly) during intervals.

At one point every one around me was practically crazy over melon milk (someone even bought an entire 1 liter carton to drink in class), so I decided to try it out. Turned out pretty nice, but this drink needs to be taken slowly - too fast and the taste and the lactose will be quite overbearing.

I know this isn't the greatest looking of food, but I can assure you it tastes goood~ This garlic and shallot roasted chicken is made by my younger sister, from scratch - from pounding the shallots and garlic into a paste, and roasting the chicken (though I'm afraid I have salmonella) with the potatoes and carrots. What she does is after pounding the garlic and shallots, she marinades the chicken with the paste, with some seasoning for the entire day. The she just sticks everything onto a roasting pan and cooks it up. While it tastes completely cooked, the texture and the color is actually a little pink.

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