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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Badminton @ Extreme Park

The last time I played badminton was, I think, the year before last, which is quite a long time. Just as my alarm clock rang this morning, Jasmine called to say that she was on her way. I just did my morning regime, threw on a T-shirt and jeans, and packed a pair of shorts for the pre-planned sports event.

Our first destination was Cecilia's house. They did their assignments, I bitched around the living room, taking photos with Cecilia's impossibly-tall F21 stiletto pumps. Sadly, the camera I used is not fit to transfer any photos anywhere. I loved how streamlined the stilettos made my legs look though...

After their assignment was done, off we went, with directions from Chien Min, to Extreme Park. Changed into my shorts, borrowed a racket from Jasmine and started our game. We played for around two hours, renting one court, by which time everyone was exhausted (obviously).

I played barefoot, in my green J-Crew Tissue Tee and the embarrassingly stained shorts I usually wear at home which I wished I hadn't worn today. After washing off my legs from a squished mosquito and lots of dirt from the court itself, I changed into jeans. We had some lunch at Zhia's Kitchen, then Jasmine drove me home.

The moment I reached home I slumped onto my three-seater in the living room and snoozed for around 2 hours. Only after that did I remember I was wearing the T-shirt while I was lying on the badminton court ground. Absolute genius. Oh yeah, and my hair was on the ground as well, which I put on the cushion. Nice. I'm gonna die soon.

For dinner: tomato omelette, "zha choi" soup, strawberries and durian~

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