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Friday, December 23, 2011

Souvenirs + udon

Over the weekend I was left home-alone with my grandmother while the others went on holiday in Singapore. From what I heard it was stressful, no comment on that.

Anyway, I got some nice souvenirs this time although they're not exactly what I wanted.

Manicare Cosmetica Retractable Lip Brush (synthetic hair) S$12.90
Manicare Cosmetica Double Ended Brow Brush (looks like real hair) S$8.90
Manicare Cosmetica Angled Blush Brush (real hair) S$12.90
Manicare Cosmetica Foundation Brush (synthetic hair) S$12.90
Animob Drak Brown Double Compartment Multipurpose Pouch
Garrett Popcorn - Chicago Mix
The dark browns - caramel, golden browns - light caramel/butter, orange-y ones - cheeese~!

Today was mundane. Got to campus at 7am, slept until 9am, then rushed around printing stuff and had brunch at around 11am with Jasmine. We tried Marufuku for the first time, which essentially sells udon. The Mapo Udon Set consists of a mapo tofu udon, green tea and karaage (tender battered deep fried chicken pieces), priced at RM8 (normal udon prices range from RM7-RM10).

The noodles themselves were perfectly al dente, but the sauce. It was essentially mushroom sauce with lots of ground black pepper with some tofu, minced meat, carrots and onions. The flavor being off put aside, there were little bits of what felt like sand in the sauce, though I can't be sure what they are, but they definitely weren't the ground black pepper bits.

As for the karaage, they kinda surprised me. I was expecting dry, though chicken nuggets, but inside the rather thick deep fried batter shell, the chicken was super tender and juicy. Tempted me to order another serving, but didn't.

Today (technically yesterday) was supposed to be the day of the Winter Solstice, where families have dinner together and enjoy "tang yuan" (direct translation "soup balls", which are essentially balls made from a special type of dough, which is sometimes colored, and has fillings according to different tastes). We had dinner together, but the "tang yuan" will have to wait. I plan on getting my favorite hot chocolate-filled "tang yuan" in soy milk from Endah Parade soon. It's been ages since I've had it.

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