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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The most expensive lunch I've had in a long time

On campus, that is. My budget for food on campus usually sticks around RM15-20 max. I broke that record today. We went to Backofen, and I didn't really want another chicken schnitzel sandwich (which is usually what I order), and there was grilled lamb on the daily lunch set menu ... with pumpkin soup. Why not? It's Christmas.

Backofen's Christmas decorations were pretty - there were little Christmas trees dotted around the place and where the booths were, there were little Christmas tree ornaments attached to the already-intricate divider.

For starters, pumpkin soup. Personally I would prefer the version by my sister, but this was beautifully fragrant. The soup was more savory, and had just a hint of spice to it. Final verdict: 8.5/10.

The main course, grilled lamb shoulder. Unlike the usual lamb chops that are out there, this one was particularly meaty. The sauce was perfect, though I would usually prefer mint sauce for lamb. The lamb was served with a roasted potato and a simple salad. The potato was very complimentary to the lamb, no comment about the salad. Final verdict: 8.5/10.

The dessert isn't included in the lunch set. The thing I like about Backofen are their pastries and cakes. This round I tried the Oreo Cheese. I have a hunch that what they used was the No-Bake Oreo dessert thing, but I can't be sure. There was no Oreo flavor in the cake - mostly chocolate and what tasted like cream cheese (or mascarpone). Final verdict: 6/10.

In total, the entire meal cost RM23.90. The lunch set prices at RM18, the Oreo Cheese at RM5.90. The original price of the roasted lamb itself was around RM18+, and the pumpkin soup priced individually at approximately RM4.50. So if I were to order a la carte, I would be paying almost RM30 for the meal. Since this is out of my own wallet, I really mind. But hey, it's Christmas, and I feel that I deserve to indulge myself.

As for dinner, we had roasted duck and braised sea cucumber for dinner. There was a sweet sauce that came with the duck, and it tasted pretty good with the duck, though the overall taste is kinda weird.

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