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Thursday, December 29, 2011

28. Favourite makeup remover

Definitely. Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Cream. The first time I used this I thought it was a facial cleanser because of the name. Upon further scrutiny of the attached picture sticker, I realized it was a make-up remover.

How I use it is I squeeze out a suitable amount from the fat tube, then massage it over the area where I need make-up removed. Just applying it won't work, some gentle friction is needed to remove make-up. I then use tissue (alright I use toilet paper, but please use either cotton wool or facial tissue to preserve the elasticity of your skin).

The thing about this remover is that it doesn't really remove HEAVY (dark) make-up completely on the first round. So sometimes when I have loads of eyeliner and mascara on, I have to apply it another 1-2 times to completely remove everything. As for waterproof mascara, you would have to gently massage the hairs to remove the product. However what I do is massage, then try to get all the particles out (roughly) using the tissue.

And this cream leaves a kind of filmy, oily residue, but this, I think, is just personal. I cleanse my face once after I've removed every visible trace of make-up, just as extra insurance.

However, my friend introduced me to magic. To the Xiaxue readers, you've heard of this many times before - the Biore Wipes. They're absolutely fantastic! They're uber convenient, the formula that the wipe is soaked in removes make-up super quick, and it leaves NO RESIDUE AT ALL! The light scent is a plus. I only used this on my lower lashline before, but I had that urge to wipe that thing all over my skin, just because they leave the skin feeling refreshed and supple!

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