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Sunday, December 11, 2011

10. Favourite makeup brush

Ehhh... I think it would be my fluffy brush from Daiso. I got this from IMM, Singapore's for RM4. Aluminium handle and neck, and I suspect that it's synthetic hair. I've had it since I got all my basic make-up brushes after watching Haze Long's video on the 88 palette, which was about three years ago, and the brush is still in good condition.

My other favorite brush is my TheFaceShop angled brush. I basically got this brush along with my gel liner brush and it's done me wonders - eyebrows, eyeliner, occasional lip lining, crease sculpting, etc. If I remember correctly I got this brush for either RM19.90 or RM25.90, and it's made from synthetic hair, plastic handle and aluminium neck.

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