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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Make-up tag Ver. 2.0

* What's your favorite makeup look???
For day, I like simple slightly-winged black lined eyes, preferably with a bit of contour for the crease, with spot-concealer and contour/blush, and lip balm.

For night, I prefer darker, smokey eyes, with false lashes if I have the time, with full face, matte foundation, but same contour/blush and lip balm.

* What part of your body do you love??
For now I'm in love with my collar bones and decollete - they're not beautifully defined, but they're more defined than other parts of my body. Somehow I'm also falling in love with my stretch marks.

* Who is your beauty icon??
To be honest I have no idea. The image of beauty is basically of those airbrushed models in fashion/beauty magazines. However if I had to name one, it would be Michelle Phan. She talented, naturally pretty, and she has a good heart.

* What beauty product makes you feel instantly good???
Michelle Phan's egg mask! Especially when my skin is like plagued with blackheads, whipping on a cool, albeit kinda stinky, egg mask instantly tightens the skin, refines the pores (egg white), and returns magical elasticity to the skin (egg yolk)~

* How do you look after your skin??
Religious facial regimens (morning and night, double cleansing, eye cream, alternate-day masks), and I try to keep my hair out of my face as often as possible.

* What is your signature scent!!??
I usually smell like lotion, or my bed. Once in a while I'll be reeking with medicated oil, if I remember and/or feel like it, I'd spray on some prefume (Versace Bright Crystal, Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine, L'Occitane Cherryblossom Solid Perfume, Eau de Sisley 3)

* What's your hair care secrets?
Don't over shampoo, condition your hair, let it air dry, apply serums or leave-on conditioners, if possible. Brush hair daily, but not too frequently, use a cherrywood comb daily, making sure to massage the scalp.

* How do you pamper yourself?
Beauty-wise, leg waxing and/or a facial. Having someone massage you, and knowing that your skin is gonna look better kinda lifts my spirits, though most of the time I'm too excited to actually relax.

* Finally how do you have a beauty philosophy??
Natural is best, keep everything in moderation and there are always certain guidelines to most things - though you can switch it up, it's best to play along those guidelines.

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