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Saturday, November 26, 2011

An interesting Thursday

Usually Thursday would be the most worrisome day of the week since the second semester started - 3-hour lecture in the morning, then a five-hour break before the next class commences. Can't go home, don't want to stay on campus, so sometimes we just go to Sunway Pyramid.

I rarely eat early breakfasts. If I wake up at 6am, the earliest I can eat something is around 8am. However, since someone asked whether I wanted McD breakfast, I chose to try the new Chicken McMuffin, which is basically a regular Sausage McMuffin, but the patty inside is replaced with a blown-up Chicken McNugget and some sauce to counter-balance the moisture.

However, this particular morning was interesting - our lecturer was on leave, so we had a replacement lecturer (which hadn't happened before until now, those who couldn't make it just cancelled classes and didn't really bother to replace them). For the first time since the start of the semester, I listened through the entire lecture and copied down 5 pages of notes, which usually doesn't happen.

What I usually do during that lesson is sleep, space-out or chat with my classmates. This replacement lecturer was supposed to be our lecturer, until the present lecturer came along and our class was given to him. Having lectured Masters students before, we usually got 3 full hours of monotonous talking about tables and chairs. Our replacement lecturer, however, had SLIDES, and her explanations and examples were much easier to understand.

Anyway we (Jasmine, Jeanna, Su, Quinie, Yevon and I) took the bus to Sunway Pyramid after class, and lounged around, took some photos while waiting for the McValue lunch time. I had another round of McD - McChicken, with a fries and a Coke. By this time Su had went home.

We wandered around, took a few pictures, then at the Vitagen campaign area Jessica met up with us. We got some free Vitagens for answering 5/5 correct in a quiz, then went over to a shop which specialized in traditional Chinese clothing, namely cheongsams.

Jeanna wanted to get one to wear to her grandma's birthday, and so we tagged along, thinking we would also be "kepochi"s and try some of the garments. However, we couldn't find any designs that were to our liking, so we left without trying anything.

Another round of wandering had us at a couple of gown boutiques, we lingered in one which we've never entered before called Merry Merry, if I remember correctly. These are the few gowns that I thought were quite nice and could sneak pictures of.

Blue mesh-lined strapless bustier-style tiered dress.
White full length strapless gown with red peek-a-boo and empire waist.
A little more detail from the strapless gown, matched with a black beaded necklace.

Contrary to my mum's and aunt's rants about how Forever 21 stock clothes that are more for 30-year-old women, I find the selection in F21 very wide - there's mature, there's girly, there's summer, there's young chic. I think you can get most of your wardrobe basics here, though I'm not so sure about the prices.

The first thing I saw were the shoes - at least 6-inches for heels - boots, cotton shoes, pumps, platforms. And they are (in my opinion) more inexpensive than Charles & Keith! Anyway, we went on a frenzy - each of us (Jasmine, Jeanna, Jessica, Quinie, Yevon and I) picked out a few garments each, went to the fitting rooms, then tried on our own and each others' selections.

Yevon was a little tricky - she refused to want to try anything, and Jasmine and I had to find a couple of garments for her to try (more Jasmine than me, but anyway). Here are some of the pics of the garments that I tried that day. (Ignore the stupid expressions pleeze)

Printed floral strapless dress.
Leopard print mini strapless dress with ruffle hem.
Grey one-shoulder maxi dress with dusty khaki stripes.
Grey long sleeve boat-neck bodycon dress.

Fine floral print bustier-style strapless dress.
Brown-and-white stripe dress with belt (the back is lace).
Turquoise strapless floor length bodycon dress.
Girly print spaghetti strap dress.
Beige dress with printed hearts and belt.
Orange-ish pink spaghetti strap empire waist maxi dress.

I always thought that Cotton On and Forever 21 stocked high-priced garments, but I find that the prices almost the same as those boutiques at Mid Valley that my mum likes to visit. There was another white chiffon-ish strapless maxi dress that I tried, but the material was so sheer that my underwear was visible, so the pic's not here.

We also had a stop at Vincci, only until then I remembered that I needed shoes - heels (pumps and/or wedges, decent ballerinas (no more cloth material), and some decent sandals. I saw some nice designs at Vincci, and when I asked mum when I got home, she actually said "yeah, you really do need shoes, all your shoes are falling apart".

A last stop at Daiso to get my razors and double eyelid tape marked the end of our (my) day. Some of my friends asked why I wanted eyelid tape since I already had "inner" double eyelids. Here's the thing - I have a fetish for French manicures, and always wanted to do some but never really got round too. My younger sister had that eureka moment and used regular scotch tape as something like a stencil.

The product was nice, but a bit weird since it's pretty straight for nails. One time my aunt came by, saw my sister dealing with lots of scotch tape, and thus suggested that we try using eyelid tape because it's curved. Since Daiso has really cheap ones (I didn't really notice Sasa's prices for eyelid tape, though), so I got a pack of 20 sets from there.

Much thanks to Jasmine recently, especially today for driving my out to get the tiramisu ingredients then being such a darling to help me take everything into the house. I LOVE YOU!

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