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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A simple update

Not that I don't want to, but sometimes I don't have any interesting pictures to post, and life would be tiring if there were surprises everyday.

Just wanted to share some stuff here. Firstly about the course's reject - he's a reject not because of his appearance, but because of his pervertedness, and also his obnoxiousness and sheer lack of social skills. Taylor's Music Club is holding a Michael Jackson show on the 11th of October (Tuesday), 7.30pm at Taylor's Lakeside Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) (RM10 per entry ticket).

So they have a booth in front of SLC promoting the event, but he, not a music club member nor a member of the organizing comittee, went there, sat smack at the center of the booth and started Facebook-ing, disturbing other members there who were hard at work and playing around with the props.

If he wasn't so bloody obnoxious, I think he'd have friends.

As for assignments, we just did our business presentation today, and I still have to do our PSA proposal. The thing that scares me about the PSA proposal isn't the part where we have to present it (I'm practically used to it already, unless you change the crowd), but the part where Mr Beh fires questions at presenters like firing a machine gatling gun - it's plain intimidating.

I looked like one of those old ladies on the streets with a giant, dirty-looking bag over their shoulder today. I finally went to collect the photocopied books (around 15 of them in total, 5000+ pages) and lugged almost all of them to campus from D4, to D7, to E4 in 3 ginormous, blue recycle bags courtesy of my mum.

Gotta sign off here - mountains of assignments await!

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