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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PSA filming + green tea stuff

My semester holiday was ruined by a sudden bout of filming for an assignment for Basic Audio Visual Production. However, the day was pretty fun - we went to Mahirah's house at Mont Kiara and had almost everyone in the house participate in our craziness.

The kuihs, my favorite being the curry puffs (left) and the kuih Kemboja (top).
Pasta, mozzarella in the small bowl, pasta sauce, chicken behind the salt and pepper shakers and some cooling refreshments~
I was a glutton - for breakfast Mahirah's mum served us some "kuih" in the morning, my favorite being the curry puffs and the "kuih Kemboja" (pandan flavored traditional cake). We had that with tea and for lunch we had home-made spaghetti with deliciously spicy and flavorful sauce, with a side of deliciously fried chicken~

Had lots of fun, camwhored a lot, did some pre-editing activities for my upcoming make-up tutorial video (which won't be up until a really long while later), then drove Melissa all the way right in front of her house.

Some pics from the day:

Custom-made cup and saucer set, designed my Mahirah's mum.
Melissa on the piano.
The restaurant-esque picture of lunch. XD
Honey oat almond cookies. I love these ...
The two main masterminds of the PSA filming process.
The uncooperative woman who refused to photobomb Su with us.
Camwhoring with Mahirah's clip-on hat accessory.
Sleeping boho beauty, complete with a guitar. XD
As for the green tea stuff, I actually had green tea ... uhh, stuff for a couple of days in a row. Nothing much really.

Green tea ice cream from The Last Polka in The V. It was melty, which I really like compared to some that were more of a sorbet of green tea. And this had a slight powdery texture to it.
The green tea cheesecake from Secret Recipe that you guys might remember from my birthday post. Finally tasted it. The initial taste was weird, because they used normal cheesecake cheese with lots of green tea, but the after-taste had a more matcha feel to it, and this was also quite powdery.

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