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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A day at Tropicana

This was supposed to be up last Sunday, but I never really got to doing it, so here it is.

We had a sudden urge to have pork vinegar, which is a traditional Chinese dish that is made for women who have just delivered, but the recipe, like most Chinese recipes that my grandmother has accumulated over the years, can be altered to suit each one's taste.

Flossie - The "jie-jie".
Bubble - The blurcase.
Here Bubble with Buddy - they're twins!

What's life without some play? =)
Having had extra, we decided to go on to deliver some to Tropicana, where my aunt lives. We had some nyonya snacks when we got there, had some coffee, then I went out to the yard to play with her three now-neglected beagles - Flossie, Buddy and Bubble.

We sat down at the side of the house and chatted about stuff, while the beagles enjoyed a long-overdue belly-rub. Then we went out for a stroll to check out some of the nicer houses behind my aunt's street. Tropicana is basically a rather exclusive area, with a huge, luxe clubhouse nearby, albeit a bit far away from everything.

I've basically started to imagine and plan how my future house renovations and design would be, and though it would more probably be an apartment than a typical house, it gave me a few ideas. Being wealthy enough, many of them splurge on extending and renovation, some of them breaking the traditional architecture patterns.

We went out for dinner - mostly seafood and pork, but mostly spicy. From all the luxurious houses, a couple of turns away, we were at the typical housing area shop lots where all kinds of people ate and shopped.

It was kinda an inspiring day, albeit slightly unproductive.

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