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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Tattoo Day!

Not the permanent types, the airbrushed ones. There's a small airbrush tattoo stall on Taylor's Lakeside Campus right in front of Wong Kok and 7-Eleven at the Boardwalk Syopz.

Airbrush tattoos are a great alternative for those who would like tattoos but don't want to commit themselves just yet or those who wants to take on a trial period before they get the actual tattoo to see whether they like the pattern.

Airbrush tattoos are done with stencils, which is adhered to the skin, and then a layer of ink is blown onto the cut-out pattern, resulting in a temporary tattoo. Unlike sticker tattoos, these can last for anywhere from a few days to a month depending on certain environments, and they look more realistic compared to sticker tattoos, which often leave a shiny finish.

Yevon and her butterfly tattoo.
Yevon's smiley tattoo.

Today after a very monotonous class by a new lecturer who joined Taylor's faculty with an impossibly heavy Punjabi/Indian accent, Yevon went straight to the tattoo booth to get her smiley tattoo on her wrist that she had agreed on with the staff the previous day. She also wanted another one on her neck, and so she chose a butterfly pattern.

Jessica's ankle tattoo.

Meanwhile, Jessica saw a gradually enlarging star pattern in a photo on display at the booth and wanted to get that on her ankle as well.

Chien Min getting her tattoo done.
Chien Min's tribal eagle tattoo.

Out of the blue Chien Min also wanted one, and decided on a tribal-ish eagle pattern, also on her neck. All the while she was giggling from the ticklish feeling made by the spraying tool (something like an airbrush make-up tool).

All this airbrush tattooing is making me tempted to get another permanent tattoo. Either the stars or a bar-code either on the neck, the back of the neck or the wrist. Come to think of it, I haven't officially blogged about my current tattoo yet, though I think I'll wait a while until I get it touched up first before that.

Although there was the free touch up within two months of the day I got the tattoo, I was too freakin' chicken to get it done because one, no one wanted to go with me all the way to Sungei Wang Plaza to a tattoo studio and two, I didn't really notice that the color within the outer lines were fading until after 3 months.

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  1. hi...sorry yea. I'm from an event company. We're looking for temporary tattoos artist.
    May i have the stall owner (that tattoo person) contact?
    thank you very much.