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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day of second semester

The first day was boring, with a rather pedophilic-looking lecturer whom we still don't know how to address. None of the classmates changed much, except for Brian, who previously had blonde hair but had dyed in back black.

I went to "kiasu" again today - taking a photo for a goody bag. XD It was for, and the criteria was just to pick one of the slogan signs and take a picture with it. Inside the goody bag was a food guide with cash vouchers, a leaflet and three different kinds of hair and skin product samples.

It took me a while, but I found the "Say No to Shark's Fin Soup" sign. After watching Gordon Ramsay's video on YouTube from his special "Shark Bait", I've decided to wean myself off shark's fin soup. I'll admit it - I actually love it, but I was never really aware that it's the broth that makes the dish tasteful.

Usually what I thought was that it's only once in a while for special occasions, so it's no biggy. But it's a different story for these increasingly endangered creatures. Every "special occasion" would mean around at least 4-5 tables, 10 persons per table. So that's 40-50 bowls of soup, almost every single day.

Although it's gonna be many years away, my wedding dinner shall be void of shark's fin soup, though this would be - to some more traditional Chinese people - kind of a "tell-tale" sign that the host cannot afford or is too stingy to offer shark's fin soup to the guests as the dish is traditionally a symbol of status and wealth.

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