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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A day out + shelf clearing

Slightly distorted picture (I hate Blogger) of the BF helping me with the tiramisu.

Again with the tiramisu - this time I was gonna make the dessert officially for my *ahem* future mother-in-law, but my sister failed to mention that temperament of mascarpone and regular cream cheese is different. For cream cheese you beat until it's creamy; as for mascarpone you need only cream it lightly. So I ended up with milk and butter instead of creamed mascarpone. The project was then abandoned.

Extreme mochas from San Francisco Coffee~

Both BF and I were really sleepy, so we got a coffee each from San Francisco Coffee. We then went straight to the cinema to get the tickets, as we were afraid that the seats would be taken up, despite the fact that the extra birthday coupon wasn't available. We were watching "Abduction", starring Taylor Lautner. It describes the chronicles of Nathan, who finds out that his life isn't what it actually is, and sets out to find out the truth with neighbor Karen.

The mini goody bag full of mini goodies~

We had a quick lunch at Pasta Zanmai. We had some exchange of conversation and little gifts. I got a red packet and a small bag of mini goodies from Auntie Joanne. BF got a wallet from her as well. We placed our orders and continued conversing while waiting for our food.

I ordered an eggplant, beef and mushroom pasta with miso sesame sauce - this disappointed me, as there was barely any sauce in the bowl at all, and the presentation was meh.

There were some nice sarcastically comedic scenes in the movie, and I loved the action scenes, and one can't deny that the story-line possesses some degree of originality, but I think they could have done better. I felt that it needed some stronger emotion and use more sound effects. All that said, seeing Taylor Lautner in so many topless scenes is quite enjoyable~

After the movie we just walked around to kill time then went to Coffee Bean for tea. We ordered four cakes to share and a coffee each (I had a small Original Vanilla), courtesy of Auntie Joanne. We chatted over coffee, and finally went home separately.

I was emo for the last half hour or so because I knew that I wouldn't be seeing him for another approximate two months, which resulted in me trying desperately to hold back tears. It's only two months, but if the one you love is away from you for any period of time, it's painful.

My mum accused me of being a bossy, demanding, temperamental girlfriend who's never satisfied. She's been through the same as me she should know better than to tell me off. There's been a lot of interruption in our relationship from various sources, but we're still going strong~

Anyway we're now under the agreement that I shall not be emo, though he wouldn't know even if I was. Our new dating method without meeting physically? MAPLE STORY!!! Yes! I've finally got MapleSEA back, and this time I'm gonna play for at least 5 minutes everyday, or at the least open the program, so it would stay up-to-date.

So now about my impromptu shelf clearance due to my sudden increase in photocopied books and my increasingly messy (and neglected) desk. I've got lots of old magazines from eons ago, outdated posters, exam papers that are no longer referable, and lots of other junk. I went through every piece to see whether there were any things that I would still want.

From the magazines I tore out some make-up and/or fashion pages, for others I rearranged the papers in the files. I ended up with a whole large pile of unwanted paper stuff, which would be reserved for recycling. These are how my shelves look like now:

The top shelf.
Bottom shelf - some folders and my disc collection.

While going through the things, naturally I found a lot of things I thought I had lost or had thrown away. Here are some of them - the pictures and the captions shall speak for themselves.

My old Slam Dunk posters.
The seriously outdated autobiography books from my primary school years.
An entry from my Standard 5 English teacher Puan Hazel~
My graffiti drawings from Form 1.
My Final Fantasy VII "sticker posters".
My old Asiasoft @-cash reciepts - reminds me of my foolish days where I used to use RM24 to buy 10k @-cash, which bought at most 2 things, which lasted for a limited time only.
My printed wallpapers which became the "covers" of my old plastic files, along with Gackt wallpapers.

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