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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 birthdays in a day~

It's Yiee's, Jasmine's, Jay's and Google's birthday~! 生日快乐!お誕生日おめでとうございます! 생일 축하 해요!
The rather expensive yet not-so-nice cheese baked rice.
Camwhore shot before officially digging in~ XD
So we celebrated Jasmine's birthday today after our Intro to Business tutorial at Wong Kok, just as the restaurant opened. Ordered myself a beef cheese baked rice, which cost me RM15.10. Jessica, Sindee, Evan, Quinie, SuSu, Chien Min, Brian, Yevon, Cecilia, Jeanna and moi were the ones participating in the gianormous celebration.
Super-sized milk tea, signature of Wong Kok.
Gotta cut down on the expenses this week. That, RM12 for the "Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan for my mum, I've only got RM10++ left from RM50. T__T We got the super-sized milk tea because we ordered a total of RM30+. It was more ice than beverage, really, but I guess that's how lots of restaurants save on expenses - give ice instead of the drink they ordered. Two glasses of milk tea got me hyper by the time we got to English lecture.
Jasmine getting her henna design.
Jasmine and her finished henna design~
Before that, the birthday girl Jasmine stopped by the henna booth at the SLC bazaar to get some ink on her hand. Many of the designs were pretty, which has further tempted me to get a new tattoo. Anyway one thing's for sure, I'm getting some henna designs when I get married~

English lecture was alright, except for the part where we had to debate about whether the playing truant should be approached leniently or toughly. Being a communication student requires some open-mindedness and tolerance of others' words and behaviors at times, but everything has a limit.

It's no wonder I almost always stick to the exact same "gang" from primary school till university: when the person's opinion/personality clashes with mine, it's like trying to mix oil with water - you can mix it for a while if you stir the concoction, but once you leave it alone they separate.

Anyway, Vivian and Jeanna got their henna designs after English lecture, at which Ms Anitha let us out a tad too early. I sat with them while they got their designs, while I alternated between being an obnoxious random person at the music club booth, people-watching and reading Anne Frank.
Jason Phung, or as Maira and I like to call "Elmo". =D
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Jason, or I would prefer to call Elmo, because he does an uncanny mimic of Elmo's voice. He's part of the music club, and so far all I can gather is that he loves "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.
Jeanna getting her henna design.
Vivian and her henna design~
Anyway Vivi and Jeanna washed off the henna paste cakes from their designs and went home, leaving me alone. I guess I could have just "lepak"-ed at the music club booth, but to be honest, I'm not really completely comfortable with them yet, especially now that I'm going through some mood-swings and emotional instability.
What my left ear looks like right now, and yes, you can see right through that HOLE.
A decision I've made, almost as quickly as I'd decided to do it in the first place - I've decided to let my stretched piercing close up, if that's even possible at this stage. Reason? Maintenance is getting extremely tiresome, especially when I already have 8 more to take care of. And that discharge you usually get with piercings - for the stretched one it's much more than average piercings.

So then I'll revert from one-step-closer-to-Uruha-and-Ruki to just one-step-closer-to-Uruha. Speaking of which I haven't done much visual kei make-up experiments recently. I haven't been touching much of my make-up at all, so to speak. I've even lost touch with liquid wing lining.
Pink tank top.
Blue ruffled-half-sleeve top.
This is completely irrelevant and quite old, but I'll post it anyway. I got two new tops at Giant, Shah Alam some time ago when my mum was there for a business meeting. Both were average RM25 (can't remember the exact price).

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