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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random update

I have already decided on the birthday presents I'm gonna get for him. I already got item #1, I've confirmed the price for item #2, but I've yet to get item #3 & #4. It's a secret~! The plans for the day ... is still kinda vague. I'm still not sure how to break it out to my mum, and transport may also be a problem, especially with the clothes I'm planning to wear. Anyways, I'll wait for him to confirm his holiday~

I just went to Mid Valley again today, after my aunt confronted me and lectured me about tattoos. Uh, hello? It's my body. Anyway I got a couple of bras from Pierre Cardin, checked out all the prices of every available palette at Elianto, Sasa and Watsons. Sorry, dear, I can't get Maybelline for you. >_< Had a nice lunch of beef brisket noodles at Canton-i, then got home and did random stuff.

I just written up a manual for my dear, regarding skin care and make up. Being as "perasan" as he is, I just wrote up the 5-page manual for fun. XD I did yoga for the first time on Friday - I almost died. It's not cardio like the bellydance or modern dance, but it really aims to strengthen and tone the body. So far, I hate it, 'cause my butt hurt after that, but after religious exercise and food intake control, I'm beginning to see some results - I'm losing weight, my thighs are slightly firmer, however the flabby arms and tummy are still here. =P

Finals are drawing near, gotta start studying soon. As Jay (my Korean classmate) said, we're not gonna sit for a resit. XD Oh yeah, I created a Facebook fan page for my blog, the like box can be found on the right top part of the page. Feel free to give me any comments (but no spam please) about how I can improve my blog. =)

I made cocktails last night, and it was my first attempt. My available ingredients were Smirnoff Triple Distilled vodka, Diet Lemon Cordial, Heinz Apple Juice, Ricoles Peppermint Cure and ice. The vodka was 50% alcohol, and since it was my first time mixing alcohol, I put in way too much vodka - around half a cup. I mixed in all the ingredients for mine, and got a horrible hangover after that. Next morning I woke up with an intense itch around my butt and a neck ache.

Ma new favorite song - Intro, by The xx, first introduced to me by Fahkrie during our MA song presentation. Then I got the song itself from Melissa, and now I'm addicted. You see, unlike nyan cat, this isn't annoying. I think I've listened to it over a hundred times already, and still it's so freakin' awesomely awesome!!!

Shall try to find time to study soon. Must, 'cause I'm determined not to fail my exams. =P

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