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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini gathering

For the first time in quite some time, I went out with some friends for dinner (and went way over my food-intake quota =P). Kenmin was there early, so I went out slightly earlier to accompany him, and we ended up walking up and down the row of shops a few times.

Met up with Yiee and Liyen, went to One Pot for steamboat. Maybe it was the stuff we ordered, but I found the food mediocre, but the atmosphere was nice, though I think it would be more suitable for a cafe than a steamboat restaurant.

After a really filling dinner there, we went on to Secret Recipe, more or less because I wanted some dessert and also to celebrate Kenmin's belated birthday by treating him to a slice of cake. Well, I was the one who did anyway. Was looking forward to a Carlsberg or any type of beer, but didn't get round to drinking one. =P

Anyway Kenmin ended up in my house until around 11pm due to transport reasons. It's amazing how people can change within such a short period of time - on the surface, all of us hasn't really changed, but those changes will soon reveal themselves.

Raya is just around the corner, and lots of people will "balik kampung" (Malay - "balik" for go back or return; "kampung" for hometown). It'll be less busy in the city.

As for some events these days, I got my National Service letter, complete with a bus ticket. There's a deferment letter included, but it needs some documents from the higher education institute. I've the request form for that letter, but the terms and conditions includes that all outstanding fees must be paid before any request would be approved, which means I've to pay for my second semester fees before I can get the letter.

And coincidentally, the National Service starting date is exactly the date I'm starting my second semester. I guess I would be more enthusiastic if I was in some earlier batch. Now that I'm in the middle of my education they shove this letter to me and expect me to show up unconditionally? Please.

Yes, I did want to go for National Service, but you put it right in the middle of nowhere and just expect people to comply - isn't that a tad bit inconsiderate? Correction, it's not a tad bit, it's EXTREMELY INCONSIDERATE.

And usually when you keep people waiting, they lose their enthusiasm for things, and thus if a person originally had an intention to do something, they don't want to do it after being kept waiting for so long. Comprende? So, as much benefit as NS gives, including my dream abs, SCREW YOU!

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