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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dieting update

Julia (aka MissChievous) is truly inspirational - she's talented in makeup and her motivation to get fit and healthy is superbly admirable. Click here to see her weight-loss blog entries.

About a few weeks ago I started my own plan, and things have been going up and down. At campus, I'd take the stairs no matter how high the floor, and I'd stick to only Subway sandwiches, with a cup of ChaTime once in a blue moon.

In the evening I'd eat mostly meat, then an entire bowl of healthy, albeit oily, Chinese soup diligently boiled by my grandma. And basically that gets me extremely bloated, but I get pangs of hunger at night. Quite understandable as I'm trying to get my sleeping schedule back on track.

Now that it's my holidays, I don't have Subway, and there's not much fresh food at home. And since I don't have classes, I lack the motivation to wake up earlier than 12pm. And yes, I still sleep at 1-4am in the morning. Where exercise is concerned, I still do my running during my bath in the bathroom (I know it's dangerous, but so far the most I've done is banged my heel on the wall) and my Friday exercises.

I try to slip in some extra exercises like the 7-day ab training thing, but I feel not as motivated as I was in the early stages of the plan. I'm been starting on weights these days, but the overall exercise rate has decreased. My eating habits have also been irregular - sometimes I'd stuff, sometimes I'd fast.

The good things I've noticed is that my cardiovascular strength has increased - usually I'd need to pause a while halfway through the belly dance workout DVD, but now I can go through the entire DVD without actually stopping.

And also, my tummy has reduced in size!!! Usually it'd be over my *ahem* bust line, but now it's smaller (behind my bust line) and the ab muscles are solidifying. *HOORAY!!!* Can't say much for the behind-the-thigh orange peel skin, though. =S

I need to find some way to incorporate FRESH vegetables and lean meats into my meal plan. Every dinner it's pre-prepared oily fried/stir-fried and/or fatty Chinese dishes from the caterer. Any vegetables, even those which were fresh, would've been wilted to the point that all the nutrition has been killed. Where meats are concerned, I consume lots of processed meats.

Borrowed some health juice drinks from the library yesterday, though. My dad has been trying to get us to drink some fruit + veggie juice while he was here, why not fulfill his wish? XD And many of these recipes target specific traits, i.e. dieting, detoxification, beauty, to lower cholesterol and sugar levels, and just plain alternatives to our daily indulgences like chocolate and cream.

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