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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One helluva day

What happened? Well, nothing much. We were playing around after morning class, and while I was scrolling through my list of weird and/or cute ringtones, I thought I was at the landing and just made a casual step down and ... *crack* I sprained my ankle ... bad. I thought my walking days were over. Luckily I could get up and slowly limp 2 blocks away to the health centre to get an ice compression, some Counterpain ointment and a bandage to help reduce and avoid swelling.

I took off the bandage just a while ago and compared it to my other ankle and I was like OMG. It was swollen like mad and much more veins were visible, it looked as if my foot was strangled.

Anyways, Justin, Crystal, Elaine, Jesslyn, Blue & Felicia did their Love Campaign for an English assignment today in front of Taylor's Student Life Centre. On sale? Hand-made bracelets, with different meanings. The red one means "I love", which means you could be loving anyone and anything; the blue one means "I am loved"; the purple one means "I'm seeking for love". Originally it was supposed to be "single and happy", "taken" and "available", or so I heard, but they were changed to these few, which are, in my opinion, much catchier and interesting. XD

It's RM3 per bracelet plus one free cupcake of your choice, and RM5 for 2, but you only get one cupcake. I shared with Melissa, and the cupcake was nice - I never really liked cupcakes 'cause of the color and sweetness of the icing, but these ones were nice~

I was actually quite surprised when Justin told me that it was Blue who came up with the original idea. I was like O.O! Blue? The class otaku, the only other socially awkward person in class except for KFS, who has a passion for oldies, manga, online games and speaks with kind of an American accent? It took me some time to believe it, but there it is. Socially awkward (or "queer" as we just learned in MA) as he is, he's kind of a genius. He could even recognize St. Nicholas from a drawing. =_=

Anyways, I was limping from Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D, and lots of people were looking at me as if I wet my pants or something. =_= Guys, walking with my legs apart doesn't mean I wet my pants alright? Gosh.

After afternoon class, waiting under an umbrella with Maira & Hadi. Hadi was complaining about his video shoot and a friend's birthday bash clashing tonight, and he elaborated on the only two choices he was given for the ending - either be a drag queen, or rape someone. I was seriously LMAO-ing like mad! But seriously, he'll maintain more dignity as a guy if he did the rape one, and I seriously can't imagine him doing drag. *shivers*

Gaining weight already sheesh. I want cold stuff. Like cold water. Perhaps a beer. =P

Ps. I shall post the photos later. =P

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