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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After that impossibly long post regarding weight management, food management and whatnot, I still went for Baskin Robbins just now. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?! Even if the flavor I chose was 50% less fat (the Light Vanilla thingy), I had 2 scoops for the price of one, so in general I ate a full fat scoop of ice cream, which I didn't need to spend on. Fuck. o0o

Well, about the Marina Mahathir talk, it was real. The talk was entitled 'Inspiring Young Writers in This Age of Democracy'. What she talked about were her past experiences as a journalist, and I found it rather inspiring. What she said was mainly to learn how to communicate effectively, and not be afraid of voicing your ideas, but do so respectfully.

She wasn't what I expected: I expected a traditional Malay (yes, I'm slightly racist and I stereotype people) woman with the difference of a skill of speaking her mind. On the contrary, she is my journalism idol. XD She communicates well, and she has a very wide spectrum of knowledge. She is ... too amazing to describe, but her talks are a little drab. =X

Not that I have much to say anyway, but sometimes it helps to let out some steam here since I can't do it anywhere else. Well ... I could let it out on him, but it'll just be bitchy and it'll cost him a great deal of suffering. =P

Oh yeah, and just before the talk I found out that afternoon class was cancelled, so I basically had more than 5 hours to kill, and the others have plans of their own. And I just only found out that Swing and some other girls are at the D block computer lab, and I'm way too lazy to go there. =P On the contrary I'll just make that short trip there. @@

Have made that 'short trip' from my original computer lab to D7.02, where the other girls are, but I'm sitting beside a guy who is clearly overweight and has a weird smell coming from him. =P

With more than 5 hours to kill I think I'll just sit here and blog and blog and blog. Firstly, about my picture-less posts recently. I know that a blog is extremely dull if the contents are not very interesting and yet is text-only with no pictures. Here's why: I almost always forget and I've lost my C6-00's USB cable. =P Yes, it's new and I managed to lose it. Someone should give me an award for klutziness. XD

And I'm posting less and less on makeup and such. The next food post will have to wait until I take a decent amount of food pics. Makeup-wise I seldom watch Michelle and MissChievous lately, as their content does not really grab my interest for now. =P The next post will most probably be a monthly haul post, no promises there though. First I need to find a suitable USB cable for my C6-00 and I'll need some time to blog about it. =P

It's been about 2 weeks since I got my Nokia C6-00, and it's ... difficult. I love the QWERTY keyboard and the general functions, battery functions well enough BUT runs out really fast when I use apps and Wi-Fi. And, like many other C6-00 owners complains: it's laggy and prone to hanging. The only few times it hanged on me was when I was over-surfing the Facebook app, which is understandable, but the lagginess is ... near intolerable, especially during my recent emotional and frustrated modes. =P

Because of my one-size-too-small and 'unseasoned' ballerinas yesterday, I have three blisters in total. Two small ones on my right foot, and a 20 sen-sized blister on the left, at the back of my ankle, to be precise. I'm wearing slippers today, but my new (Levi's) jeans constantly brush on them and it hurts like hell. I think I need not describe the excruciating, stinging pain during my bath last night. =X

After many tryout sessions, I've found out that MAC OS X is fancy in terms of apps and programs, but I hate hate HATE the system. The mouse itself is, in my opinion, dysfunctional. o0o I opened a .doc file on MAC OS X, and it got rid of my pictures in the file, which so happened to be my first English assignment. There's no clear button on how you add a tab, and the browser (Safari) doesn't let me open another browser window.

What I like, though, is the Photo Booth. XD What we did (especially when we were using the BIG monitors) is go crazy and take pictures like mad. For proof, please visit my Facebook profile. XD

Tomorrow is our 4-month anniversary~! Unfortunately, no celebrations can't be held due to time and financial restrictions. =P There were sales at the Student Life Centre corridor today, selling iPhone covers, food, carnations and soft toys for Mother's Day. I saw the soft toys and felt that immense feeling of ... I forgot the word =~= ... um ... desperation would be too strong a word, but it'll have to do. =X =X =X Felt that immense feeling of desperation to get one of them for him since they were cute and I owe him a proper Valentine's present. But after thinking it through I decided not to get it due to two reasons:

  1. though the price was good, RM7 per soft toy, as opposed to ... well ... higher prices elsewhere, I didn't want to spend unnecessary money, and I realize that this statement is highly conflicting especially when I spent RM8 on Baskin Robbins, so please feel free to slam me, scold me, insult me and downright squish me flat. =P
  2. !@#$%^& he has more soft toys than I have!!!

I realize I haven't typed such a long post in quite a long time. =P I wonder why. I've quite a lot of free time at college and there's quite a lot going on in campus. And speaking of which, I have to start using the word 'university' instead of 'college', since my campus is called Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. The thing is, I like the structure and pronunciation of 'college' more than 'university'. Even if you shorten it to 'uni', it's weird. I prefer using college. Or I could just call it my tertiary education campus - TEC. XD

Yes, I'm crazy, always have been and always will be. Actually right now I'm spouting tons and tons of crap. So I'll stop crapping right now.

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