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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once again ...

at LT14 on TULC campus, waiting for class to start. It's been a really long weekend - Friday is class-free, and Sunday was Labour Day, so Monday became a substitute for the public holiday. And for most of that weekend I had my godparents over. I'll just say that their visit was a bit awkward. =P

Two assignments due today, both not finished and BB7 is freakin' working. Why the hell didn't the technicians take care of the freakin' problem during the long weekend? Or is it just too troublesome for them to give up one day of their holidays? #$%^&*!!!

It's Tuesday, and today's theme is sweet sophistication. The pale pink dress I wore for CNY this year, my new pinkish-purple ballerinas, new blue flower hoop earrings, Mickey necklace, the wristband from my ex and what-was-meant-to-be-sophisticated-but-turned-out-sultry purple makeup.

This week in nail color: Lawn Green from Elianto. I unexpectedly found this in our polish stash last night, but the tone and shade of the color couldn't be matched with Hot Pink. =P

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