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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The title is just for melodramaticism, so just ignore it. =P Class started at 8am this morning, as usual. And remember something? Can you? IT'S TUESDAY, BABY! Remember what Tuesday is? No, it's not sandwich day where I have to give Pudge the Fish a peanut butter sandwich just because he controls the weather. That's Lilo. IT'S DRESS UP DAY!!!

The theme today was ... EMO. For some reason I just felt like doing emo makeup and wearing that long-abandoned emo-ish top of mine. And today I'm really wearing all-black - black top, black shoes, black eyes, black underwear as well. =X

And just at the start of tutorial class today, everyone was talking about the sudden cancellation of IMW class due to the lecturer's health. The famous Horny (name changed to ensure anonymity) is the talk of the March intake these days. Usually I wouldn't think twice about people like him, but he's just so fucking horny. He'd actually do anything to sit beside girls and stare at their legs and/or cleavage, without any effort of concealing his actions.

One of our girls, Vivian, has a slight reputation of being voluptuous and is usually in the attention of Horny. She wore something more demure than usual and he asked straight to her face: 'Why aren't you wearing hot clothes today?' He is the kind of guy who would ignore other guys in general, give the super hot girls (the thin ones who show all the leg and cleavage, and of course with a pretty face) all his attention and cast dirty looks to the rest of the girls.

Supposedly his ambition is to be 'the first Malaysian to become an international correspondent'. It's good to have high ambitions, but I feel that he's only doing this for the ladies. I just unblocked his Facebook page and looked at his wall and I was like ... O-M-G. His posts are all links about disasters around the world and loadcraps of political stuff which is way way WAY out of his field of education, though I do not deny that it is also good to know stuff about the world around you.

In short, he's a horny, attention-seeking asshole with no concern of personal space and I wanna have as little to do with him as possible.

On the other hand, I so so so so so so so miss my smexy~ >< It's just been 4 days and it's like I haven't seen him for a month. =P This weekend's plan has an extra activity: MAKEUP!!! He himself has been bugging me for it for over around 2-3 weeks, and the random makeup session has become joined with a contest to see who's the more emo. What's gonna happen is we're gonna make ourselves as emo as we possibly can, take a pic then post it on Facebook and let people vote for, let's say, 2-4 weeks?

Other than the emo pics we're also gonna have the multiple-expression photo booth-style pics, just for fun. XD Right now I'm just worrying whether my phone is gonna die on me. Battery life of my C6-00 is pretty short. It only lasted for two days both of them full of SMS-ing only.

At our last MA class, we were shown one of the video assignments made by our seniors, and supposedly it was the best of the semester (or something like that). The story talks about this group of 5 friends, who murdered one of the girl's father because he had been raping her since she was sixteen, and what happened after that.

Those seniors turned out to be Spellman Choy, my senior from secondary school, and Benjamin Tong, my mum's company's supplier's son. I actually had dinner with Benjamin's family before, and his whole nucleus family is tall. I mean 180cm+ tall. Another secondary school senior, Lum Jia Meng, was cast as a stuck up passer-by. The girl who was to act as the 'rapee' looked familiar, most probably another secondary school senior.

The short video was almost perfect - lighting, angles, special effects. The actors (students) were not bad also. Thumbs up to the group! You're my assignment idol~! XD

Feel like running off now, but mum doesn't get here until 5.30pm and I didn't bring my lappy. Rawr.

NAIL COLOR OF THE WEEK: Elianto's Bisque + Rainbow Glitter

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