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Monday, April 18, 2011

Why haven't I posted for more than a week? Here's why: I typed a freakin' long post than covered the events of a week, and when I clicked 'Publish Post', the internet (on TULC) failed on me and there went 50% of my post. As much as I enjoy blogging, I hate having to repeat myself. =P And speaking of which, I can't remember much of what happened the previous week. =P

I have finally went to listen to the 6 hour driving test thingy. Was unceremoniously woken up from my deep sleep to have to wait another hour before the guy came, which if meffing inconsiderate seeing as we woke up so meffing early to wait for him and not everyone is as free as they are. Anyway, instead of the 6 hours that was stated, we were there until around 3pm, standing under the meffing hot, tropical sun learning about the components of an ancient Perodua Kancil. =s

On Friday, smexy came at 7.30am, then we sat in the TV room watching Lilo & Stitch until 10+am, until I finally pulled myself out of his arms to get cleaned up for the date of the day. Makeup? Yes, I'll do a short, pictureless tutorial on that later. =P After I was done with my makeup smexy had some nice fun with my hair, using Gatsby. I'll have to admit, though from afar it didn't seem like much, the details were tremendous.

The day's date was Dutch, but he still paid for my transportation fees as well. I love him~ First thing we did was find a grab a nice coffee from San Francisco Coffee. I also love San Francisco Coffee, the reason being that they have this 'buy one free one' thing all year round, though only limited to Extreme Mocha and Extreme Latte. If you do take this promo then one coffee would be only RM8.30 max.

Then we proceeded to The Gardens, taking a look at phone accessories along the way to the Nokia Centre. The shopping list? Nokia C6-00, which is my new phone. XD The time we went to the Nokia Centre in Pavilion it was sold out, both the black and white one. At The Gardens, it was the black one that was sold out. And I find it kinda ironic - I love black-colored stuff, and would usually opt for black things, but I've never owned a black mobile before.

My first mobile (Nokia 2100) was blue, but I purchased a cheap, black plastic cover for it (which doesn't count), 2nd (BenQ-Siemens EF51) was white, 3rd (OPPO A105K) purple, 4th (Nokia N-Gage) blue-ish, and the newest one is white.

After that we went on a hunt for a ring + couple phone accessories + perhaps a new pouch to prevent my new phone from sustaining premature damage. We found the ring (again, apologies for the lack of visual aid, I'll put that in later), but we didn't find the other two. Maybe after a month we should make another trip to TS, where there are more of this kinda stuff, and better variety as well.

Anyway I have the coming Friday planned out: I dunno what time he's coming, but we're gonna have a MOVIE MARATHON!!! That is, after I've finished painting his face with 800 layers of eyeshadow. XD Just kidding, but it's a good chance for me to learn guy makeup. =) The movie list: History of the World, Sinbad and perhaps another few Disney movies. OMG I'm going back to my childhood!!! =X

Crap I just noticed that I printed two copies of the same document. == This so sucks. I'm gonna have to get a few folders to store my notes soon, plus a stapler for that matter. =P

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