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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm running out of blog titles =P

Anyway it's 8.49am in the TULC library, where I am, once again, aimlessly surfing the net. Why I wore sandals to an almost fully air conditioned campus is beyond me. =s

I felt completely useless last night. The cause is unknown, but my dear had a bout of serious stomach aches, back aches and neck pains. I've tried that bout before (plus period cramps) and it was worse than hell. And yet all I could do was wait ... wait for the pain to go away. I wanted to be there for him, do what I can, rather than just sit around and wait.

I've gone through numerous obsessions with boys before, but this isn't an obsession. I don't know, but, this might be what they talk about in fairy tales and almost only happens in fairy tales - true love. Constantly wanting to be with your partner is common in couples, but in this relationship I actually worry about everything he does - what he eat, how he is, his relationship with his dad, etc.

Unlike with the other boys, I'm completely myself when I'm with him (though sometimes I'd wish he'd retort my comments every now and then), and he loves me, warts and all. And I could safely say that I do too. =) And god he's so meffing sexy. XD

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