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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hate it that ...

... my home's internet connection is always fucked up. And also that the computer lab's MAC OS X keeps hanging on me. It's so freakin' annoying, and yet I can't find the motivation to bring my laptop to campus EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh well, figures.

I just opened my Facebook page and ... WTH?! 73 notifications?! I never get that many over the weekend unless I'm having a spam war with someone. Some of the notifications are repeats, but in general there are so many of them! To be honest, as much as I'm flattered by the attention - *perasan-ing* XD - I'm seriously too lazy to check everything out. It's like 'X liked your status', then 'X, Y and x other people commented on your photo'. It's boring. =P Especially when it's not like I have the whole day to check every single notification. =P

The pervert just walked in the computer lab that my 3 friends and I are in. He looks like he's preparing for porn site surfing. Nah just joking. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't, thanks to campus internet restrictions. He's across the isle from us, and I'm sitting AT the isle, so I can see what the hell he does on the internet.

Something happened last Thursday - I misplaced my new C6-00 at Starbucks on campus. I just put it down a while to pack up my laptop, then BAM! It was gone. I didn't hear it drop, even the few classmates at a neighboring table said that they saw me using it just now. We searched for a full 10 minutes but nothing came up, so I just called smexy, told him about it. He tried everything he could, but finally in the morning he got a call from Starbucks staff that my phone was found!!!

I literally ran to Starbucks and I didn't even ask how, where and when he found it, I just took it and left. Then I remembered - I have some ... *ahem* ... explicit messages in the phone and at that time I haven't found any way to protect my phone yet. And thank god 'cause if I did I wouldn't have got my phone back in the first place.

Smexy and I went to the Bukit Bintang area on Sunday. His problematic N82 required attention as it keeps restarting halfway through messaging and music. The staff at the Pavilion Nokia Centre said that it is a software problem, whereas the staff at The Gardens said that it was probably a battery problem. So he's now debating on whether to get the N8 or wait for other better models to launch. Since I'm not mobile-savvy there's nothing much I can do. =X

After Pavilion we went for lunch at A&W. There's a Sephora opening in front of Pavilion!!! *I know, that's super random* I haven't had A&W in ages, especially now that it's pretty hard to find a branch anywhere. I know that there's one opposite Amcorp Mall and another one at Bukit Bintang. And we know now why A&W isn't very successful in Malaysia - it's slow, taste and quality has deteriorated.

Then we walked through Sg Wang to Times Square, went straight up to Kivii and got TAKOS!!! One black and one white, the black one for him and the white one for me. Unfortunately I accidentally scratched my tako's face on the way to Pyramid yesterday. ><

My diaphragm and throat now hurts due to excessive pressure from yesterday's karaoke session at RedBox, Sunway Pyramid. Moral ed ended earlier than expected, and now I'm hooked on Each A Cup's Oreo Crush. XD

Remember what day it is? Oh yeah it's Dress Up Tuesday. XD Today's outfit: my pink V-neck empire waist dress paired with my blue wedges and hoop earrings. Makeup? Bronzed smokey eyes, and a rare treat: foundation. I really seldom use foundation 'cause I only have powder foundation and I tend to sweat up easily, which is also equal to smudged makeup. =P

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