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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's 7.47am at the Norwegian Sandwich Co. on TULC. My class starts at 10am. Why I'm so early? The one reason - I don't drive yet and have to comply with other people's timetables.

Today is Pink Wednesday (why oh why isn't it Pink Tuesday?) and today's theme is, as the name of the day suggests, pink. My dress code of the day? Quirky. Or not. =P My pink "Warning: Reckless Compulsive Shopper" T-shirt, the only skirt I own (which is a black layered skirt), silver strap wedges, a ponytail, black and white diamond-shaped layered alternating-color earrings (whatever the hell that means =_=), a scarf purse using a square silk scarf with Chinese characters all over it, and ... wait for it ... my pink, lens-less glasses. =X

I've mentioned the silk scarf on a previous post, with a link to it's video (by Michelle Phan and Chriselle), so scroll down and find it if you want it. =X The pink glasses ... have been hiding in my accessory stash for ages, which is around since the last few weeks of tuition at Wawasan last year. The reason why I suddenly took it out? Um, duh~ It's PINK!!!

Josie's long-time crush, Prince William, is getting married to Kate Middleton. They're a well-matched pair, both good looking and they just look right together. But seriously, Prince William balding even before he's hit 30? I'd think that being extremely rich and, well, royalty, he would have done something to deal with it. =X

Now I have 5 YouTube tabs on Google Chrome, so I'll prepare for an extremely laggy internet experience. =P

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