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Friday, March 11, 2011

Scary workday

Just a few days ago my senior told me that many customers have been complaining about my attitude - long face, cursing, etc. After that I made it a point to plaster a smile on my face whenever there are customers, even if the smile looks completely fake and insincere.

I just noticed that I'm always late at work by 15 minutes. =P The restaurant's clock is faster than mine by 10 minutes.

I got to work today, noticing the new part-time staff. He's called Tom, from Myanmar, and like the previous one who came to work, he resigned after half a day. Reason? The work was too tedious. But this one actually asked his wife to come around and help him breach the topic. And I've also learned one thing - never trust a guy with a mop. =P

There were two problem customers today at lunch - one who complained about the lack of minced meat in her noodles (small issue) and another one who complained about everything she could think of.

The pictures on our menu are for illustration purposes only, so some of the pictures don't actually look like the real thing that comes out of the kitchen. This picky trio of aunties (with heavy makeup, ancient perfume and fake hair color) complained that the "Three Cup Chicken" rice doesn't look like the picture. Fine.

Then they complain about the chicken being still cold on the inside. Please lah. I've eaten food from the kitchen many times and every thing is hot, if not warm, on the inside. Fine, reheat the chicken. Then she complains about the numbers in the menu (which is one thing that many people complain about).

Usually the waiting staff would observe tables and see which dishes have been emptied for clearing. Unless the dish is cleared of most stuff and/or obviously unwanted by the customer, I don't touch it. This auntie comes and retort me saying 'Why do you clear other tables but not ours? Can't you see we're finished?' (Something like that)

I wanted to start cursing her and yelling at her on the spot, beat the shit out of her stupid fat head. But to stop giving her anything else to complain about, I just slapped on the fake smile and cleared her stupid table. Their dishes were still full of rice, sauce and whatnot. Even Karen didn't want the leftover rice (she usually takes some if there is for her two dogs).

Then when they asked for the bill, they asked whether we accepted credit cards. Like how I respond to all other customers who ask the same question, I said, "I'm sorry we don't, because we don't have a telephone line yet." Her response was like, " 'We don't have telephone line yet' ", mocking me.

I mean, FUCK YOU BITCH! The whole bloody row of shops don't have a telephone line because fucking TM won't get around to doing it! Anyway she and her two bitch friends left and everything went back to normal.

Then after lunch, around 3.30pm, two men in formal wear came in. The boss was suddenly on the phone, went to the washroom, whispering for me to call A Tinh. The Nepalese in the restaurant already had their red ICs, it was the Vietnamese who had to wait for another few months.

Karen and her friend were suspecting that they were from the hygiene department (or something like that) that came for inspection. And just a few moments earlier the "spy woman" came in. She usually dresses in tight shorts or pants, a tank and a sports jacket, with her hair in a bun and a white headband.

Only after A Tinh sneaked to the back did I know that this was serious business. She left her apron in the washroom, went to the kitchen and called Sao, Vinh and Hoan, then went missing for around half an hour, by which time the two guys and the "spy woman" were gone.

The "spy woman" drives an old edition Proton Saga with the licence plate WGW 2787. So if you see her and/or her car near your restaurant, be alert. She will ask almost all the staff about lots of things, from your name, your nationality to how the restaurant runs. It would be best to fake not understanding her more than half the time, or say 'I dunno' all the time.

Scary how the day turned out. Though I was obviously local, and I had my IC with me, I was nervous max. Maybe it was because of knowing that my friends were in risk of being thrown into jail, sent back to their country or sucked of all their money to bribe the authorities.

* * *

I'm feeling more and more distant with my dear now. It's like the love between us just froze. It's not that I don't love him anymore, it's just that it's getting ... bleak. The routine between us has gotten monotonous for me. All the problems in the relationship is with me.

I just hope I'll get over this soon and have our relationship back to normal.

But what he said hurt me - he said that I've changed, I'm no longer the me that I was 2 months ago. It's like he threw a knife at me, it's like he's saying that the new me is nothing different from those heartless girls out there. I'll admit I've changed - in both interest and maturity. I've lost the obsessive interest I had for the GazettE, though I still love their music. I've come to learn that life isn't all about laying back and having a good time - it's about experience.

I'm basically the old me, just with new interests and better maturity. I still procrastinate like hell, I still like to snack in the middle of the night... Or perhaps it's the new interests and maturity that scares him. He told me that one of his exs went for national service, and by the time she was back she was a changed person.

A person can't stay the same forever. Changes happen, whether you like it or not. What if the world never changed? Life would be so drab. What if people never changed? I wouldn't want my friends to have the logic of a toddler. Changes will happen. In people, in the world, in the universe. It just depends on whether you can accept it and learn to adapt. I can't stay the same forever. It just isn't me. I hope one day you'll be able to accept that.

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