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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini haul~

The main objective of the whole shopping trip was to clear the bills and also to get my horridly shapeless hair trimmed into something more styling-friendly. At the same time, I wanted to get some things bought before CNY. XD

First stop - outer half false lashes. I'm new to false lashes, and I don't want to overdo it since it's supposed to be day makeup (for CNY). Hopefully these new ones won't bully me. XD I bought this pair at Sasa, originally priced at RM22.90 (prices of lashes there ranges from RM4.90-RM89.90), but I got it for RM17 (discounted). It comes with a tiny tube of false lash glue.

Next - a white eyeliner pencil. As Michelle Phan implied, white eyeliner is the most multi-functional makeup product you can have. I wanted something usable for everyday use, so preferably it would be matte. I did go to Sasa to check out the prices, but they were all shimmery and priced at RM44.90 (RM39+ after discount). We then went to TheFaceShop, and the Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner Pencil in 03 White costed only RM19.90, practically half the price of the one in Sasa.

Third - color lenses !!! One thing about shopping near festive seasons is that many shops are out of stock for many products. This was exactly the case with Sasa's lash glues. I went to Menara Optical (right outside Jusco at LG, Mid Valley) to look for my FreshKon Colors Fusion greens. They were out of Cool Green (the more obvious green), and they were out of plano Dazzle Greens. The girl recommended Blincon (Korean brand) as they were having a promotion for the product - 1 pair for RM70 (yes, expensive, I know, but at least these last 3 months =P), buy 2 free 1. Anyways I only got one pair - Sweetie Greens. The diameter of the lens is 14.5mm, it has a rather dark outer ring and the pattern is something resembling the petals of a chrysanthemum looked at from the top, with a hint of green in the 'petals'. I still have yet to test the comfort of these lenses, so I'll update later. XD

Last - TheBodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. This moisturizer is by far my favorite one, hands down - I'm the kind who doesn't drink much water during the day, so I suffer mild dehydration. With previous moisturizers, my nose would just continue peeling; but while using TBS Vit E Moisture Cream, even if I didn't drink water for the whole day and spent most of the day in an air-conditioned place, my face heavy with dehydrating foundation, concealer and powder, my nose (and the rest of my face) stayed perfectly smooth, no flaking, peeling or anything of the sort. I first got this product while buying my TBS tea tree products (will repurchase the tea tree oil and the blackhead exfoliator) as a sample. Now it's almost used up, and I need to restock. The original price was RM45, which I considered pretty inexpensive compared to the tea tree products, but then there was a further CNY promotion - RM40 !! XD

That's all for the haul, and now for my phone's update. My phone, being a mainland Chinese, experiences some skin problems due to rough handling and skin sensitivity. And right now she's going through some skin disease thing. What I've done was applied some concealer to her imperfections. My phone's name is OPPO A105K, and the concealer is pink, shimmery and has an anti-radiation feature which I purchased through some cheap postal order service. *mine's the purplish one without the 'OPPO' imprint*

A105K has a rather curvy face, especially at the edges and corners, so trying to apply the concealer to the nooks and crannies of her face is especially hard. And I screwed up around her nose and some corners of her face, especially around her chin, but at least from afar no one would notice, even if they were close enough I could cover her chin area pretty effectively. =P

I notice that I'm describing inanimate objects like humans and talking to inanimate objects these days. I think this is a sign of oncoming INSANITY !!!

UPDATE: I've tried on the lenses - I'm not used to 14.5mm lenses yet, so there's some mild irritation, but I think it'll pass after a bit of practice-wear. The effect is more or less like those lenses which are specially for enlarging - my eyes looked like those of the typical Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese girls. It's like the type of lenses gyaru girls would wear. The green isn't really obvious in room lighting, but I've yet to see it in daylight. =)

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