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Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay, I'm starting to feel a pinch (or rather a punch) of regret about buying the 120 palette. The blues are very pigmented, but some other colors like Shade 28, 29 and 30 (purples) just fallout, only tinting the area with a bit of the color. I thought the 120 shadows were super pigmented. I understand if they fallout without primer, but I did apply primer and it's in this shitty state. FUCK!!!

Next, I think I either need to change some of the stuff that makes contact with my eyes (ie. pillow, bolster, stuffed toys, etc) or I'm getting sensitive / allergic to makeup products. I don't think it's much of an allergy 'cause there's only a bit of irritation on the inner part of the upper lash line. This also happens even when I just swipe on a couple of coats of mascara. It's just been, what, a couple of weeks since I last used eyeshadow and now this crap is happening to me? DOUBLE FUCK!!!

I just can't wait to finish up my Elianto Stay-On Liquid Liner - I just can't stand the liquidity of it. I understand that liquid liner tends to take some time to dry, but this one stays wet for like more than half a minute! And it tends to become opaque. I don't want opaque eyeliner, I want intensely colored eyeliner!!! How come your pencil relative can do that and you can't!!! *OMG I'm shouting at inanimate objects o.o*

I've gone through Hot Pink Flowers and Spring is in the Air by Padmita and orange, pink, purple and blue make up look by Blix. All of them turned out weird, and I almost couldn't replicate Blix's look due to faulty eyeshadows. =x Then I went back to Haze Long's website to refer to the palette swatches, then looked through her older posts. I have officially decided upon using Haze Long's Babydoll look for CNY. Simple, sexy, eye-catching. And I don't have to worry about color-clashing with my future color lenses!!! Done~

I've gotta break the bank, man!!! I need a good face brush, concealer, white eyeliner, false lashes and false lash glue. All easily obtained, but somehow they seem out of reach to me. I think I'll drop by Sasa on Sunday when we go to Jusco (most likely the one in Mid Valley) and find those there. I think I'll purchase the lashes at the local night market, depending on the price. OMG!!! Face brush (RM25-75) + concealer (RM20+) + white eyeliner (RM15+) + false lashes (RM2-5) + false lash glue (RM10+) = minimum RM72!!! *faints~~*

Update: Maybe I'll do my version of rainbow eyes, just to keep things interesting. XD

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