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Friday, March 26, 2010


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - the rainbow. You could wear it to work or formal/semi-formal appointments with lighter, pastel-oriented colours; or you could darken the colours and glam it up with fake lashes and glitter for a night out. I edited the pics a little so the colours would show up better and ... well, let's just say my skin isn't perfect and I don't own a bottle of foundation yet. =P

I did this right after my bath on a school day, within around 15 minutes, plus a bit more for photography (I used my Sony Handycam... =x). All you need are 6 colours, which you could easily get by purchasing a 12-colour palette (I bought mine from Daiso Japan at Sungei Wang) and maybe a few extra single pots of shadows to compensate for the missing colours from the palette.
The Coastal Scents 77 or 88 palette would be recommendable as you could experiment with different tones of the colours. If you're going really colourful, you might opt for a 120-colour palette, though I doubt that many people would use that many colours. =x
I'm wearing Princess Nudy Violet lens (the only pair of lens I own, it's not even a pair =s).

We start off with a foundation-ed face and perhaps a teeny bit on your eyelids. Fill in/ define your brows.
Conceal your under-eye shadows with concealer. I use Biotherm's White Detox BIO-A[2] Whitening Pen Immediate Spot Corrector (not exactly a concealer, but it does the job). Dot some on the to-be-concealed areas and smooth evenly with your fingers or a suitable brush. Blend out nicely and set your whole face with loose powder.
Apply an eyelid primer on lids and just the lower lashlines. I use Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in Beige. It has a bit of shimmer in it, so apply it all the way up to the brow bone (right below your brow) for a nice shimmer, but make sure to keep the rest of your face matte. XD
Use a white or beige colour and blend it across your brow bone to highlight it.
Get an eye makeup brush (you could use your fingers or a Q-tip if you want more vibrant colours), get some bright pink (or magenta) and apply it to the centre part of your lid, around just above your iris.
Clean your makeup brush, or use another brush, get some orange shadow and apply it to the inner corner of your lid, blending with the pink. Just don't blend it too high up to avoid your eye looking like a punch-bag.

Note: clean your lashes after every application of shadows to avoid your lashes building up with powder. It's unsightly to see overly clumpy lashes.
Get a yellow shadow (I used gold here, I'm under equipped =P) and blend it out from the pink out, fading it out at the outer corner.

Note: for the shadows, try to blend out the colour to avoid harsh lines, it should look as if the colour fades into your skin. To do this, get a clean fluffy eye makeup brush or a blending brush, just go over any harsh lines to fade them out. Blend the colours together perfectly.
Once you're done perfecting the warm colours, time to do the cool colours. Get a blue (I'm using a cobalt, slightly metallic) and apply it to the inner lower lashline. Be careful not to blend too low, apply it as if applying eyeliner, stopping at the centre of the iris.
Remember, it's a rainbow~! Get a bright green and apply it to the rest of your lashline, blending it out to your liking.

Note: for the lower lash colours, apply some colour to your waterline as well.
Lastly, line your upper lash line with a purple shadow using an angled brush, purple eyeliner or dip an eyeliner brush into your purple mascara (if you own one, that is). To get the wing, close your eye and gently pull the outer corner outwards, then wing it up just a bit, using the natural lashline as your ruler. Reach in to the inner corners and put some there.

Unless you have a suitable shade of purple or very good makeup skills, using purple as eyeshadow. The reason - you'll either look as if you haven't slept all night, or you got punched by someone earlier on. Using it as eyeliner is another case.

I skipped the mascara pic 'cause I got some mascara on my yellow shadow. (crap...) I use Opera Volume Control mascara (you don't have to curl your lashes~!) To avoid happenings like these, there are two ways. One, is to tilt your head back while applying mascara. Two, use a card and lay it on your lid, just exposing your lashes. The benefit of using a card is that you keep your lids perfect, and it also helps you coat every single lash.

Have fun, try it out and comment on my first tutorial please~! Thanks a million~! =)

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