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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebrity post (again) !!!

Everyone has their idols and people inspirations, here's mine~ These are (in my opinion) the best in what they do or what they are. =) Hope you enjoy~

The best fashionista: Kim Kardashian

The best makeup artist: Michelle Phan (YouTube channel)

The best comedian: Ray William Johnson

The best blogger: Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue

The best guitarist: Miyavi

The best lyricist: Vo. Ruki from the GazettE + hyde

The best rapper: Eminem

The best actor: Johnny Depp

The best singer: Adam Lambert

The best personal style: Gackt

The best writer: J. K. Rowling

The best dancer: Taeyang (aka SOL) from BIGBANG

The best tattoo artist: Kat Von D

The best celebrity designer: Victoria Beckham

The best kitchen queen: Nigella Lawson

The best supermodel: Gisele Bundchen

The best pianist: Taeyang (aka SOL) from BIGBANG

The best tennis player: Roger Federer

The best children's classics author: Enid Blyton

The best actress: Angelina Jolie

The best cellist: Kanon Wakeshima

The best talk show host: Oprah Winfrey

The best celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

The best American Idol judge: Simon Cowell

The best band: Maroon 5

The guy with the sexiest eyes: T.O.P from BIGBANG

The guy with the sexiest lips: Gt. Uruha from the GazettE

This was all I could come up with in 3 days. Now, some of you readers would disagree on certain parts of this post, but this is what I think. Most of the links would take you to a Wikipedia or YouTube page.

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  1. Eric Clapton is best guitarist (in my opinion)...