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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hair crisis

Dandruff is an increasing problem nowadays, especially with the polluted air, crazy weather and whatnot. So sometimes on the street, you might see many people with little white flakes stuck to their hair and/or clothes. It might be just lint or dust, but usually the case is dandruff. Many brands of hair care products (especially shampoos) have developed solutions for dandruff, there are even specific companies that manufacture anti-dandruff shampoos and such and sales are sky high, but why does the problem still persist?

Some may blame the ingredients in the products used, some may just say that it's 'fated' that they have the problem. Everyone's born with near perfection, so there's no such thing as a 'fated dandruff problem'. As for the ingredients, the bottle already states that the product is specially formulated for that problem.

Usually the problem lies in the usage of the product. The bottle may say this:

DIRECTIONS: Apply a suitable amount on wet hair. Lather and massage, then rinse off thoroughly. For best results, use every day.

Now, just like skin type and appetite, everyone's 'hair type' is kinda different, thus resulting in different results if the product is used every day. Another factor is to find a brand/bottle of product that contains the ingredients that suits your hair and scalp.

Afte finding the right brand or such, you have to pay attention to the usage. It's not in how you lather or whatever, though massaging would help hair growth, but how often you use it. I know some people who use it literally every day (I did too), it worked for the first week or so, but after that the dandruff came back.

The trick is to use it every alternate day or two, ie. two days you shampoo with your regular shampoo, the third day you use the anti-dandruff, the you start the process again. There's no need to be overly precise with the timing though...

Another hair crisis - hair styling. Now that everything goes in trends, hair styles do too. Usually its how they cut their fringes that really bugs me. The style you choose should be cohesive with the rest of your body, especially your fringe. If you have a wide and short face, a clipped-up fringe with face-framers would work best. If you have a slim and long face, you could balance things by having a blunt fringe, face-framers are optional. Most girls have a side-swept bangs and face-framers (so did I), which is generally suitable for most face shapes and facial features.

I just trimmed my side-swept fringe into blunt bangs. Not exactly studio quality (I trimmed it myself), but it looks good enough for me. It isn't blunt to the point that its ruler-even, but more of blunt snips here and there, and when I want it side-swept I can pull it off. =)

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