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Saturday, June 26, 2010

S'pore trip update + merentas taman SMKBBSP 2010

There was Universal Studios, etc, and my dad wanted to check it out while he was in SEA. Unfortunately over the past month we couldn't book a hotel on Sentosa Island, so we had to make the trip more of a visit.
We slept early on Thursday night, then woke up at around 4am on Friday morning, got ready, then left the house at 5.30am. For the first time among the many times we drove down to S'pore, I sat in the middle. Now I know what my younger sis went through all those times - two huges asses limiting your space, and you don't even have enough space to cramp your bag of stuff (if you have one, that is).
I stayed awake most of the way, and truthfully speaking, I hadn't slept at all the previous night, which led to unbelievable under-eye circles. After the layer of sunscreen and powder, I looked like zombie. We arrived at my aunt's apartment at around 9.30am, then my unc (who still hadn't went out to the office yet) started calling up Japanese buffet restaurants (newspaper ads) to book for lunch.
He said we were going for lunch, he didn't mention that he was gonna stop by his office and we would have to walk from here to there to here again. And I have noticed that most men aren't very sensitive about someone doing that whole journey in uber-tall wedges. By the time we were almost going for lunch, I already had around 8 blisters on my feet.
We had lunch at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant at Dhoby Ghaut Green, which was really worth it (s$22.90, give or take a few bucks), and there's crayfish, and matcha ice cream, and really cute little dessert pastries and cakes~~ We stopped at Daiso, IMM so that CK could have a lookie around. After that we made our way back to the apartment, had around half an hours' swim, then went out for dinner - Dian Xiao Er at Changi Airport.
The next day we had lunch at another Japanese buffet restaurant - Kiseki Buffet at The Heeren. The soba was much better than Sakura's, but the replenishment rate was a little slower. They didn't have matcha ice cream, but the had tofu cheesecake and delicious, delicious, delicious tenpura~!
After that, a little walk around Orchard, watched Joshua perform with Samba Masala (super awesome, man~!), then to be honest, I forgot what we did there. Anyways, we had dinner at Different Taste that night. It was around Siglap, I think. And the food was near phenomenal~ I didn't really like the cendol, though...
Next day was our last day, so we went for around an hour of cycling at the East Coast Park in the morning before a rather early lunch then setting off for KL again. Unc brought a friend, David. Worked in Japan for a number of years, got bored then moved to S'pore. By some coincidence he met my unc somewhere at around 2 months ago, and he invited David for a little guy time together, or whatever you call it.
If you read my blog much, you'll notice that I'm not a really active person, so an hour of hardcore cycling was murderous. We got back, showered, then went out for lunch at Foster's. Aunt had booked a table earlier on, but when we got there, there was a bunch of seniors at the table that we booked. They had already paid, and was sitting there chatting. The waitresses had told them that the table had been booked at that particular time, but they still plastered their asses there till around 2pm?
We had our lunch (I had the set again, but without the crepes suzette T__T), then quickly set off for Tuas, then KL.
School proceeded as usual, but on Thursday we had our places switched. The tables were arranged in 4x4 boxes (instead of the 1x2 arrangement), and Yeanchi and I were separated from JW (earlier torn away to exchange with Qing) and are now sitting with Wei Seng and Chee Keong. Thankfully, I'm not sitting with Yong Sheng. =P
PJPK, 5-on-5 girls basketball. Stupid bitch, hardly even ran and said 'I'm so tired!' (think spoiled, exaggerating princess style =P) I played 2 games, both against Pey Shan (OMG!!), and almost died in the process. =P
Now, this year's photos will be distributed much later than the previous years. Millions of apologies to SMKBBSP's students (who did make orders for the photos, we had to wait for some idiot). This year's cross-country (in this case cross-park) race was quite late as well. We used the same place as last year - Taman Bukit Jalil, pintu 3, near the Rumah Malaysia. At 7am in the morning, the stupid little buggers were blabbing about DotA at the top of his voice while people were trying to do some peaceful yoga on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Debaichilization XD Watch the vid on my Facebook profile~~
I was assigned to be on a motorcycle, circling the area (initially with En Wan Exzam, but then Dina suggested that she bring hers, thanks a million, Dina~!). What I generally did was absent-mindedly took photos (I finished 1GB of memory within an hour and a half =P), and slacked off while they were giving away the prizes. Hey, someone was supposed to be doing that anyway, but I'm not saying my slacking was OK...
After I got home, mum told me to help her copy her old contacts into her new Yari. Fuck the fucking Yari. The keypad fucking sucks. The design is alright, but apart from a rather nice exterior, the Yari can't compare to the Satio or Aino. It took me around 5 hours to type everything twice - once into my own phone, then into the Yari, due to the fact that her SIM card could only fit 120 contacts and she has over 200 of them... o.O

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