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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hot plate curry rice in SS3, I like the texture, the taste was only OK, but it's kinda good value for money~

A thunderstorm invaded my neighbourhood, a bolt of lightning stuck my neighbour's roof and caused a temporary trip. When the current came back in the socket in which my phone charger, bedside light and stand fan was connected spark and went 'pop!'. It scared the bejeebers out of me (I thought it was already 2012 =P). My USB adapter died in the process. =X

On one particular Monday went to Asfar Maju to have lunch with Sherman and Anlene. Sherman had maggi goreng, I had my usual roti telur and Anlene ordered *drumroll~* - roti chocolate. I initially thought 'chocolate' meant cheap melted chocolate, I never thought it'd be chocolate powder. I tasted some, the taste was alright, but too much powder, and Anlene still told the mamak guy 'kari ikan'. =___=
I've always wanted really high, well, high heels. My boots were only around 2" or less. Went to Mid Valley that day and stopped at Nose. My aunt had told me that Nose's stilettos were really nice. So many tall shoes, so tempting, but I chose this pair. Initially I chose the dark metallic one but my size was out. Then the shop assistant got me size 38 of the silver one (pic), then we got it. Only after we left only did I remember that the shop assistant told me that there was only sizw 38 of the dark metallic one. Fuck.

We went to Pasta Zanmai (at East Wing, next to Shojikiya) for lunch. I had softshell crab cream sauce pasta (the sauce tasted like the sesame dressing my aunt buys back from Japan). And for dessert we had the dessert of the month - tofu cheesecake. I saw it on the menu and was like, 'we should try this'. We ordered one and devoured in within seconds. Nah, that's exaggerating, but we did finish it quite quickly. It tasted of tofu, mainly, but not much of the cheesecake flavour. Maybe it's the Japanese style cheesecake (much milder in taste) which were layered n between layers of tofu~~

This is what happens when you put some girls in a birthday party and take random pics. XD

That day went ponteng with oneesan, it was very early in the morning and even the crew wasn't at the centre court, so I took the opportunity to take some pics. Unfortunately I don't have a camera (I want Canon Ixus 130~!). The World Cup is coming up and Nike was having a football display at the Centre court. Those are some big shoes, huh? XD

I like this pic, but it's just too dark... =P

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