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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair products? WARNING: Read at your own risk!

I don't exactly use much to maintain my hair, just the normal shampoo (anti-dandruff every two days) and conditioner, then I air dry my hair. I very seldom actually blow-dry my hair (I heard that it really damages the hair in the long term if no maintanence is done) until only recently, when the weather is really hot and I really have to tie up my hair.

Now, unless I'm going out, I don't do anything to my hair except maybe tie or clip it up till it has this weird shape which I can't smooth out the next morning. =P Every morning before tieing up my hair for school or to go out, I use Sassy Shine Treatment Serum. I can't find the pic on Google, but it could be purchased at Central Hypermarket on Jalan Mega Mendung, somewhere next to Pearl Point Hotel. I dunno when my mum bought this, but I love it. As the name suggests, it gives a natural looking shine to the hair and makes it really nice, smooth and manageable.

I have lank hair, and the Sassy serum kinda makes it look even lanker, but usually my hair's tied up so that's OK. But if I'm going out shopping or whatever, I want volume. I had purchased a small tub of hair wax more or less unintentionally at one point, and since I have it, I use it. The Lucido-L range may be purchased at most pharmacies (I bought mine at Guardian Endah Parade, it was available at Watson's as well). The one I own is the Edgy Move for flexible styling. I more or less just ruffed it through my hair roots and created a punky look. Either I applied it the wrong way or it required teasing to keep the volume, or just plain law of gravity, the whole thing went lank again after half an hour. =~=

I used this last night, after the nth time my mum told me to. The ladies on my mum's side are more or less fanatical about L'Occitane products, I myself use it's best selling cherryblossom perfume (yes, I use perfume). L'Occitane products have these few traits - they all smell really nice (depending on the main ingredient, but beautiful nonetheless =]) and they work gently but effectively, if used correctly, that is. This Shine Mask is formulated for dry and damaged hair (like mine =X), and comes in, well, look at the pic.

I would recommend doing this on a weekly basis, and on a weekend where you can sit back and relax. Take a warm/hot bath (this opens up the hair follicles, encouraging product absorption and it also opens the facial pores), and rub your hair with your towel a bit before wrapping it up. Apply your facial mask (I used Biotherm's Hydra-Detox Masque), then gently unwrap your hair (wrapping your hair just tightly would help absorb the excess water), then apply the mask to your hair, something like applying conditioner. You could get something to keep you hair away from your shoulders, but I just wrapped my towel around mine. =) The reason why I recommend the facial mask as well is because general mask instructions say that it should be applied for 10-15 minutes, which is the same time needed for the hair mask. Wash off your masks with warm water, then proceed as usual. =)

I used it last night and my hair still smells like the lovely mask right now, after around 20 hours~!

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