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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Automatic - Tokio Hotel


You're automatic,
And your heart's like an engine
I die with every beat
You're automatic
And your voice is electric
Why do I still believe?

It's automatic
Everywhere in your letter
A lie that makes me bleed
It's automatic
When you say things get better
But they never...

There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
Why do I keep loving you

It's automatic,
Counting cars on a crossroad
They come and go like you
It's automatic,
Watching faces I don't know
Erase the face of you

It's automatic
So traumatic
You're automatic

There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
Why do I keep loving you


Each step you make
Each breath you take
Your heart. Your soul.
This life is so sick
You're automatic to me

(Love in you)
(Love in you)
There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you

There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
There's no real love in you
Why do I keep loving you?

(There's no real)
(Love in you)
(Why do I)
(Keep loving you?)

Ps. Tokio Hotel concert at 1Utama on May 1st.

Russian Roulette - Rihanna

Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says close your eyes
Sometimes it helps
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost

As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late too pick up the value of my life



I find it quite infrequent that I have almost absolutely nothing to blog about. =P Almost as in, I do have around one or two things to blog about, and that's it.

Bengkel Pelajar Harapan - seriously, it sounds uber stupid, but it was nevertheless a pretty good programme, except for the Bio and BM slots. 100 selected SPM students and 100 selected PMR students. No 5H students and most of the 5F boys got selected. Myself included, together with Sheauhui, AhWin, Yeanchi, Yuriko & Liyen. We started on Friday, after school, with the Sejarah slot with Mr Siva.

The whole thing went like this - icebreaking, briefing on important points, group exercise, and then discussion of answers. And that was it, and because of that we only got to go home at 4.30pm. Yeanchi's sis fetched me home, and after cleaning up Duke's pee tray, I ate whatever was available as dinner, then took a bath and waited for my tuition classes.

We did graph of functions and factorisation. To be frank, I haven't exactly listened to every single lesson (whatever the subject) with 120% of attention. As for math, well, I haven't been listening since Form 3.

Slept pretty early and woke up at 6am. I didn't know that my bus would be fetching people today, so I waited for my mum to fetch me to school, on a Saturday, wearing an unbelievably ghastly T-shirt and track pants that were a couple of inches too short. =P

First slot - BM by Pn Raha, if I remember correctly. I slept through most of it (sitting at the back has its advantages). Then brunch, which happened to be chillied sardine sandwiches (I'm a glutton, alright =X). Next slot, Maths. Now this is my favourite slot. Taught by Pn Chew, the lesson was concentrated on sets, mathematical reasoning, statistics, graph of functions and something-something in 3 dimensions.

Then after an approximate 2-hour lunch break o.O we had Bio. For lunch? Lemongrass herb fried chicken, with stewed veggies and rice. Now I don't really like rice, but I'm alright with stewed veggies and all in all I kinda liked lunch, except for the 'air merah'.

Last slot - Bio and Science. Taught by Pn Noor Fadilah and Pn Norkhaidiriyah. They taught - drawing mind maps, etc. Super boring.

Within the whole day, the guys all left bit by bit. Yeanchi, Liyen and Yuriko all left during lunch, Munyou left much earlier and AhWin went back during Bio due to a headache caused by insufficient sleep. So I was all alone, like always. Even through the whole majlis penyampaian sijil and all that, I sat beside Apple.

Walked home, cleaned up Dukie's pee tray, wiped up two puddles of his vomit and his random puddles of pee, then took a bath, ate the leftover fried noodles from last night, then just hung around till dear came, then slept at around midnight.

So that's all I'll blog about for now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beef noodles?

I was online till 4am last night, and was woken up at around 1pm for lunch. My sis was having her tuition classes at 2.30pm, so we went for something nearby. Well, it's not exactly nearby, but near enough. I tried going all the way to Teluk Gong once for seafood. =P

I think this shop is quite popular since it's almost always jam-packed and I've seen a few familiar faces around on a couple of occasions. I forgot when and how we started coming here, but it's near the OUG market, opposite the pet shop.

There's lots of stuff on the menu, mainly beef - beef ball noodles, beef noodles, beef spares noodles and the best of all - beef belly and radish noodles. You could order the beef belly + radish as a side dish on its own, but if you want it you gotta get there early, 'cause it sells like hot cakes.

The main course are the noodles (with beef of course), which are available in soup and 'dry'. Personally I prefer the 'dry' version as putting the stuff in the soup takes most of the flavour away, though the meat is served separately in a bowl of soup.

There are other things available, like pork noodles and yong tou foo. And the really good thing about everything there - they're all home-made~! Which means minimum on preservatives, colouring, etc, and basically less chemicals then those instant stuffs. =P

It's no high class restaurant, so ladies, put your stilettos to one side, this is THE family restaurant - laid back, traditional Chinese and ... anyway, it's a family-friendly place. Pricing, though, it's pretty pricey. The price for 4 small bowls of noodles plus the beef radish and some fried dumplings - RM59. (I think, I can't remember =P)

LOCATION - 6/10 [It's right beside a market, though parking could be a problem.]
FOOD - 9/10 [Absolutely delicious, except for the noodles which are in soup. =s]
SERVICE - 8/10 [It's fast, but they have a frequent tendancy to mix up orders.]
VALUE FOR MONEY - 8/10 [Although a little pricey, the servings are in not very large but practical sizes, and the taste heavenly XD]
Ps. I forgot to take pics of the food. =x

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ever wonder why we have exams? Since kindergarten we've been going through exams. Sure, they were fun when we were in kindergarten (endless colouring and circling stuff and such) and in our early years in primary school. The thing is, the pressure and difficulty just keeps on increases until some just break down or just barely make it pass the pass mark (previously 35, now back to 40 T__T)

So, I've just finished my stupid diagnostic tests, which happens to be the Form 5's second test in the year. I'm beginning to wonder, they want us to study, and yet they use all the time that can be used for teaching to conduct exams. What do we learn? Practically nothing, and they yell at us for doing poorly. I admit that I don't exactly study (I now study only for my dear ♥)
Regarding tuition, I haven't paid my fees yet. XD The thing is, I've spent the fees on so many other things that I'm now short of cash. OMG... I'm considering exchanging my S$ notes to balance things out. There's only one little catch - I can't get out of the house. Saturday dear asked me to ask my mum whether we could go out to ... shopping? Dunno... Anyways, my timing sucked and I almost died. =P So what mum said to me was, 'Just concentrate on studying for another few months and after the exam you can go out with him.' Easier said than done, though it is possible if one had the commitment.
I've been wanting to write about my favourite (local) blogger for quite some time already, and I don't know why I hadn't done it earlier. =P Anyway, here it is. I read newspapers, Star Two in particular. One of the issues featured my now favourite blogger - Haze Long. Based in PJ, she does web design, photography, makeup tutorials, modelling, etc.
Her makeup and nail art tutorials go from basic daily looks to dramatic explicit looks. Besides that, her blog features Photoshop tutorials/tips, tips for photography posing/modelling and how to apply your makeup depending on your face/eye/etc type.
I just absolutely love her. She's changed from her old blog ( to the new, better functions, more eye catching website ( The series she's doing now is on horoscope makeup tutorials. I can't wait for Libra. XD
For some odd reason, I can't be philosophical or sound more poetic than other people. You see, on birthday cards and such, all I know to write is 'Happy Birthday', but more recently in multiple languages (English, Chinese & Japanese). I take a look at other people's messages and I'm like 'o..kay...'. It's pretty frustrating, come to think of it...

It's been quite some time since I've played with my palettes and eyeliners and mascaras and such... Due to the fact that I HAVE to study. That kinda defines a student's life already - study, eat, study, bath, study, eat, study, sleep, and it just goes on like that. Especially nowadays when the competition is so friggin' tight, sometimes it's hard to keep up. Some excel students might give you this piece of advice - when you play, play hard; when you study, study hard. That's good advice, I'll admit, but it's hard to follow it if your parents are constantly watching your every move, reminding you every minute of the day to study.
It happens every year at school when someone comes and confronts everyone with a DSLR. Yup, you guessed it. It's photography week. For most students it's 'Yay~! No classes 'cause all the teachers will be busy~!' Same went for me since Form 1 till Form 3. I joined the Editorial Board in Form 4, under the photography department with Fish's guidance and of course help from Kei Yan and Vivian. My Form 4 year I helped with administrating the students and arranging them according to height, etc, the usual things that is essential for group/class photos.
The same thing's gonna happen on Tuesday right through Thursday. There's a slight difference to my duties though. Yeah, I'll be administrating the students, height-sorting, etc, but since KFC isn't here and Shin Mei resigned, I'm now Head of Photography Department of Editorial Board.
So I'm still craving the Aino, and I need cash. I'm out of cash. I've absolutely 0 cash. What am I gonna do? I dunno. And recently noticed that Anne Yeng got another piercing, on that little bit of cartilage at the ear hole (dunno how you say it, and my descriptic skills suck). After telling Yeanchi she suddenly said she wanted to get that piercing on a particular Friday. I was like, 'me want too~'. The thing is, there are a few little problems - 1, I'M BROKE; 2, my mum would kill me if she saw it (or rather them, I want 2 more helixes and one of Anne Yeng's piercings, which totals up to 9, the number of piercings Uruha-sama has XD)
For some reason, I'm listening to the same few songs over and over and over again these few days. Mostly 'Whaddya Want From Me', 'Shiroki Yuutsu' and 'Nakigahara'. I'm like... OK........

MX suddenly brought home Li Ru's autograph book (I still dunno what you actually call it =P). I haven't written any in a year, so I thought I'd write. MX darkened the print of the bunny behind the page that she had written on, and added a few other stuffs. Cute~

Monday came, the next day would be the photography sessions, but let's focus on the present first. The next day would be Anne Yeng's birthday, the card wasn't ready and her present we brought to school (I dumped it with Yeanchi on Friday =P). We finished the card after school, in class, only AhWin, Li Yen, Yeanchi and Hin Ling, plus me, of course. I more or less skipped Physics tuition to finish up the card. The present - monkey, with sound. I think it's called a Mushabelly monkey. =P
Tuesday, the day I had been looking forward to ('cause dear had specially taken leave) and dreaded (helping out meant standing the whole day and screaming at ignorant students =P). In the previous years, Jeff had taken all our school's official photos, but this year it was a little different. Uncle Desmond (Jeff's senior?) helped us with the photography as Jeff was busy with SMK Taman Connaught. The morning session's photography session was fun, with occasional screams and stuff, but no biggie.
The worst part was when we were doing the afternoon session's. As Miss Liew said, they're babies. Seriously. You tell them once, they stare at you; you tell them twice, they stare at you; you tell them the third time, they still stare at you. And the worst part is many of them like to act smart, and some even scolds you back for telling them to pull their ties up. During this time, it started to rain really heavily, so everything went into the hall, causing everyone and everything to be in chaos. My legs were cramped, so were Pavi's. J-Qi had lost her tie (I lost mine the next day) and Jeffrey had three extra ties. We finished around 4pm, behind schedule. Dear and I took a walk around pasar malam, then sent me home after letting his friends see me. XD
I was confronted by 3 different people on Wednesday morning due to my lack of PBSM uniform. I was already feeling weird enough - I didn't have my PBSM uniform on, and my pinafore skirt was literally 5cm below my knees. It was my sis's, and I never wore it unless I really had to. Wednesday was also fun, seeing that we didn't have to do anything during the afternoon. The tiny bit was that they were having a function in the hall, and there would be people at the badminton court, so we had to move to the taekwondo ground.
We were actually to take the Edi Board pic in the morning, instead we did it right at the end of the day, because the hall was taken up for a language function, and we decided to finish up everything else before taking our own pic. This year's Edi Board is pretty pathetic - we had lots of members last year, but after the seniors left there were only very few of us left. Even after the member recruitment, there were very few people.
Initially my team consisted of Xinyi, Joy, Pavitra, Raveena, Shymala and me. Then Shymala had tranferred, Raveena was fired because of her constant absence due to her health and Joy was fired because her grades were too low. The only three left were Xinyi, Pavi and me. The designer's department is even worse - they're down to only Zhe Bin and Wai Lun. The total number of Edi members this year? 15.
We hadn't taken our candid pics yet, though it was scheduled to be on Wednesday. We finished with all the organizations and such on Wednesday, and that was it. Job done. Well, not really. At the back part of the magazine is the candid section, which features the school leavers' photo (passport type) and contact info, etc. That passport type pics serves two purposes - to be put into the magazine and to be put in our Sijil Berhenti.
We did the passport pics on Thursday, on which Jeff was done with Taman Connaught. We started at 8am, finished way ahead of schedule, but kept staying downstairs even though we didn't have to. In the meantime of waiting for teachers and student to go down and take the pics, we all chatted about random stuff. I didn't know that Jeff was an ex-student till that time. Graduated in 2002 and was Head of Department of Photography (like me~! XD) in the same year.
We finished up before they started filing out of the classrooms. Jeff packed up and left, while Pavi, Neesha, J-Qi and I went up to the Edi room. Facebooked a bit, then I went back up to class when I very well could have just took the bus home. Dunno why. =P I had pizza with the guys, stopped by 7-11 to reload, then walked home.
Today was weird, like after the exams and after the whole photography thing, I wasn't used to normal classes. =P I slept all the way through add maths, and listened as Miss Sim explained alkanes to class. Mr Kong had taught this already, but I only got a bit of it.
Things started during recess. Miss Liew had planned a jamuan for everyone who helped out during the photography sessions and had prepared lunch (in this case, breakfast [10am]) for everyone. May Gel and I were having Chem, so we had to wait till after to attend. By the time we were downstairs our beehuns were gone. May Gel and I were like, 'no biggie', then got our own food.
After recess was English with Miss Liew, but for half of the double period she was talking with the supposed three girls who supposedly stole the food, two of which were found kissing a few days ago. I was like 'it's only some food, chill'. Anyways, Miss Liew had the matter settled, and granted me permission to NOT do homework 'cause I got 33 marks out of 35 for my English Section A essay. XD
I had my first tuition class with Mr Sin this evening, before which dear stopped by. Math was on the priority list. We did number bases (I hadn't listened to Pn Zuraini when she taught this =P) and retaught quadratic equations. I roughly knew how to do them, but not the way the examiners expect.
Maybe next year I'll provide makeup service for the school during the photography 'season', RM2 per face. Untung like mad. XD

Friday, April 2, 2010


There's no exact way to describe the colour, but here goes - brownish nude pinkish with gold shimmer. There. As usual, I got this from my aunt, who bought it and then thought that the colour was too young. =P I dunno where she got it, most probably a drugstore in Singapore. It's made in USA, but I couldn't find the pic on Google.

The most important thing next to the colour of nail lacquer is the consistency. Some lacquers are thicker, some are thinner. In my opinion, you should get a slightly thinner than usual consistency, 'cause you could apply one layer, then if it's not enough then only apply an extra layer. If you leave a bottle of lacquer for a long time it tends to thickens, this can be solved by adding some nail lacquer solvent into it. Thick nail lacquer is hardest to apply.

Back to the main subject. Thin-enough consistency, and it's colour tends to shift from a nudish brown to a nudish pink in different lights and angles. Another plus is that you get that pretty glam look to your nails 'cause the gold shimmer in the polish gives it that really nice reflect. Another plus, it isn't very obvious when it chips.


I'm not really a perfume person, I just put perfume for the sake of not smelling like an old sock. I usually use L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume. FYI, L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom range is the best selling range, especially it's perfumes, but back to Ferragamo. Among all the perfumes I've smelled before, I only like a few - Dior's Pure White Linen, Chanel No. 5 and Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Shine. I've never used Dior and Chanel, but my aunt had them, and they smelled pretty good. My mum doesn't buy perfumes, same case with us, most of our perfumes are given by my aunt, same goes with Shine. I'm pretty curious about DKNY's Be Delicious for her, though...

It comes in a very attractive, feminine pinkish bottle with floral printings. I have no idea what's going on with the cap, but I like it's design. Most importantly, it smells nice. Like the bottle design suggests, it has a very nice floral fragrance that isn't overpowering (though I think it's because I only used a little). I would say I prefer it over Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie (that's nice too, also pretty floral) and Chanel's Chance. I got my Annick Goutal from my mum, who got it from her boss's son's wedding (it was the door gift o.O).


I'm sure you remember the stray dog I picked up from school around a week ago? We finally found an owner for her. Liyen's cousin (resembles Liyen's youngest sister a lot =P) had wanted the silky terrier that my aunt had up for adoption initially, but she settled for Princess as the terrier was adopted by the couple who found him.

Stray dogs are expensive... =P The vet fees (RM115, bloody @#$%&!), the food (RM14 for the biscuits), etc... And the freakin' stubborn girl wouldn't eat her deworming tablet. Well, that's her problem, even Duke eats his deworming stuff, he eats practically anything (except antibiotics). She whines unbelievably when we lock her up or when only one of us goes downstairs to accompany Duke. *sighs~*

Anyways, on Wednesday, add maths exam. Hey, I dropped the bloody subject. I'm not gonna tell my mum that I'm having exams (no way no how, though SPM is inevitable), and coincidentially Xiaotorng had the same case, so we planned a day out to MV, initially to watch Kaiji, but then it was only premiering on 8th of April. Grr... Asked Kyo, but he was taking add maths. Asked my sis, she said we were going too early. More or less as a last resort (we weren't going to MV alone), so I asked Arex. He was like, sure, why not?

Next morning in PBSM uniform (I'm going without permission, but with knowledge of my sis XD) with my black tank under and my jeans & jacket in my school bag. Went to Liyen's shop, changed, then took the U71 to MV. Arrived there, he say nak makan breakfast (everyday nak makan breakfast aje). Went to the Warung where only he makan (nasi lemak + Milo...), then slowly lenggang up to the cinema. Haven't open yet. So went to and fro from centre court to where the cinema for dunno how many times. Finally cinema counters open, since no Kaiji and Clash of the Titans was only premiering the next day we opted for Alice in Wonderland.

Went down to Bonita to look for Xiaotorng to look for birthday presents for Siew Ping and Ei Teng. Got a bracelet for Siew Ping and a handphone strap for herself. Then went up to top floor and looked around there for another present for another guy friend of Xiaotorng's and something for Ei Teng (I think).

Jalan till 11am, then masuk cinema. First time went into cinema no. 2, stupid layout and the row we were sitting, slouch any lower and you wouldn't be able to see anything... I really wonder how he saw anything given that he was slouching so freakin' low... =P Yeanchi said that it was below expectations, and it more or less was, but it was still alright. Should've gone for a comedy, though, the laughing would've made it not so cold, even with the jacket on. XP

After that went to Living Cabin and found a cute penguin TV head accessory for Xiaotorng's friend, then took the U71 back to school. Sis fetched Arex and I from school, then proceeded to the Endah Promenade building to get Hinling and Liyen. Got home, changed then took Princess out to the vet. Curse the bloody unpredictible KL weather... Got soaked while bringing Princess back home (he got soaked too... =P), then more or less spent the rest of the day on the couch with him... And there goes my first kiss. XDXDXD

Back another couple of days, my sis finally finished her 3-month industrial training in the Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang. Mum went up to fetch her home, the drive starting at 2am... o.O I stayed up all night singing along with the player (till my throat hurt =P) to keep myself awake to accompany my mum. The thing about being the front seat passenger, it's your duty to stay awake and accomapany the driver when the rest of the passengers are asleep.

We arrived around 6am, and the sunrise view from Gurney Drive was breathtaking... Unfortunately we were in a moving car and I have a 2MP crappy phone cam. We stopped at the McD at Sunshine, had breakfast, lepak for an hour for the engine to cool down, then drove to Tanjung Bungah to get my sis. Boy, she had lots of stuff..... By the time we got home, it was more or less just *snooze~~*
So now I'm in a dilemma. Well, not exactly a dilemma, just a rather hard-to-choose-from, completely unnecessary choice. Heck, I haven't even paid for my current phone yet. It's been dropped so many times already now, the microSD malfunctions everytime there is a small tremor.
So here are the three options:
Sony Ericsson Aino
LG Lollipop
Nokia N97 / Nokia N97 mini
The Aino, my dreamphone, but from RM1100. Another option, the Lollipop, saw the ad in China, only RM799, but not my dreamphone and looks not as attractive as the Aino, but is the cheaper alternative. My secondary dreamphone, the N97 RM2000 or the mini, RM1900 (I think). The problem is, I already have a phone, but since my mum is planning to get an iPhone, I suppose an Aino won't hurt. XDXDXD
So in love with Nakigahara~~