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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bio + trouble + makeup attempt #4

How is it that my life became so freakin' complicated (although not as complicated compared to some others' lives) in such a short year?! Anyway, the form 4 Science classes were obsessing over the frog dissection project that was supposed to be 'wajib' for all science classes... Great. The idea of even touching a frog (dead, alive, or sedated) was revolting to me, not to mention cutting it open and examining it's insides... Ugh...
During our time, Yean Chi did everything with a little assistance from Jen Win... Sheau Hui, Hin Ling & me stood at the sidelines filming the approx. half hour torment on my guts and the frog, although it was already dead. Bless it's soul. Moving on.

According to YS, her school's charity sale would most likely be on the coming Friday. Her 'group' was to sell ice-blended drinks, stickers, stationery and miscellaneous stuff like handphone pouches. We went to Petaling Street today at around 9am and I more or less finally understood why my mum sorta despised KL City Centre. The traffic, pedestrians, the shops, the humidity and CO filled air. There were lots of constructions going around, so we parked in front of Central Market then walked to Petaling Street and more or less explored the shop around it.

First shop we stopped at (outside, actually) was a shop selling belly-dancing outfits (or so it seems). We walked along the dark paths, as you may call them, skimming through the shops looking for something that might be of interest to us, or something like that. We stopped at a fashion boutique, as my mum had spotted a nice sequined sleeveless top, but after further inspection, she decided against purchasing it 'cause the colors weren't really nice and there was something else that I didn't catch. YS and I skimmed through the clothes there. My main shopping objective now is to look for stylish (not 'aunty') long T-shirts that I could wear without getting negative comments from my friends, although my mum and aunts would tell me not to succumb to peer pressure.

We tried jeans, got jeans, then got out of there. We discovered the Washington Cake House that sold our (my) fave sponge rusks. We went around looking for wholesale shops to get YS's stuff. We landed at a few, but decided against the first one 'cause it just wasn't worth it. From the second one we got phone bags & pencil cases. Buy 36 units get everything for RM1 each. After walking around for a little bit, we finally found out initial destination - Nu Lycie wholesale emporium (most likely). We found the stickers. RM1 for each sheet. After we got the stickers and sponge rusks, we headed to the parking lot. How brainless can authorities get? To pay for parking you had to walk to the Central Market building itself to pay for it. Grrr...

We dropped the days' purchases at home then headed off to Nyonya One for lunch. I have officially fallen in love with nyonya food~~~

I have experimented with makeup, again. This time I tried to use a color combination of lilac and pink instead of just one color, and some applied on the lower lash line. And this time I added some eyeliner. My attempt this time produced 2 results:

1. Color lids with light brown shadow from Maybelline's Eyeshadow Trio palette in Three Chocolate.

2. Apply dark brown and blend. Dab on a light layer of shimmer from the Three Chocolate palette. Rub inner-V of eye with a little shimmer.

4. Using small angled-brush, apply pink eyeshadow starting from the centre of the upper lashline so that the color still shows when your eye is fully open. Wing at the outer corner of the eye if desired.

5. Using small angled-brush, apply lilac eyeshadow from the inner corner of the upper lashline, blending with the pink.

6. Apply lilac eyeshadow on the outer lower lashline, following the wing of the pink.

7. Using liquid liner, draw the thinnest lines possible on the outer upper and lower lashlines.

8. Finish off with lash curling and mascara.

The process is much the same except that the colors are in reversed places, and the liquid liner lines are thicker (which more or less made me look like a drag queen =x)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aviators at last...

Woke up at around 9am this morning by a morning call from Kyo. =x Got ready then tried to wake my usually-cranky-in-the-morning sister without success. Got scolded from mum for that after she got back from fetching my grandma to Cheras. Apparently there was an car-polishing appointment that she had to meet, so she couldn't be late. We got to Mid Valley, dropped the car at Cars then went straight to Jusco to get lingerie for sis and for mum to redeem her Jusco points. We walked around the whole place, many pairs of really high stilettos grabbed my attention, unfortunately I couldn't and shouldn't wear them 'cause they weren't practical. Point taken. Moving on.

Paid for our stuff then went down to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. I had my 'usual' - baked dory in garden herbs served with garlic butter rice. A chef's recommendation and an absolute deelish. Since we still had time till the car was done, we walked around the mall. First stop, Nichii. The image Nichii has given me is - trendy, bold accessories and colors, and crossdressing staff (no offence meant, don't sue me). Anyway, while my mum was admiring a top, I caught sight of a pair of aviator sunnies on a mannequin. When it comes to sunnies, it's either those nice sleek ones you usually see on cyclists, or aviators. You could say I'm affected by my aunt who lives in Japan. I just love aviators. I scanned the racks, finally spotting it - last pair, but it had no price tag. Asked around and found out that it costed RM19.80. To me, this is bargain price, and since I don't often ask for things (like my sisters do, so my parents and aunts say), mum got them for me... YAY~!

What on earth is a Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Cake? It's made of charcoal?
We then looked in Esarli (sis got a pair of thick strap wedges), Spade (sis got a nice jacket =x), etc. Finally we were headed home. Well, not exactly home. We first went to Puchong to get the car checked 'cause mum said there was something wrong with it. Whatever. Waited till 4pm to get whatever problem it was fixed, but for free 'cause it took such a long time. Get a load of that. After that stopped at the craftshop near home to get materials my sis needed for her school's upcoming charity sale. I got my reload card from 7-11, then after paying for the materials, got some pastries and egg tarts from TK.

Got home, let the dog out then took a nice bath before practicing Pearl Fisher on the guitar. Then I got my sis to switch on the PC for me (both are passworded). Initially I had completed the blog post, but then I accidentally pressed something that made everything disappear into thin air. Grrr...
Yesterday was weird. As usual, our gang went out to eat. Today's menu was KFC's. My colonel rice tasted exactly like the chicken-rice rice you find in hawker stalls. We played with each others phones for a while. Hsin Yiee mysteriously put someone's number in my phone under the name 'Darling'. After I got home, bathed and everything this 'Darling' figure texted me. He asked the usual who are you and how did you get my number stuff. After a while it dawned on me that it was Ken Min. I was like, sweat... (=__=)
Later in the day at around say 8pm, Kyo texted me, only that I didn't know that he was who he was 'cause I didn't have his number. Anyways, after a while of rude interrogation by me, I knew who he was and was like, sweat... (=__=) For the next few hours between the first text and me going to sleep, his almost constant texts were the only thing distracting me from my sis's monotonous attempts at multitasking on an already laggy computer. Go figure.
Right now I'm plagued with a constant headache that has already lasted more than an hour, and I still can't figure what to have for dinner... Hmm...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every thought counts

No chem today... YAY!! Lighter bag, but luckily Chinese period didn't extend till 1.40pm as it should have, so I didn't have to walk home. Thank God for that, 'cause it's raining really heavily...

Although my birthday was on Monday, the girls gave me their present on Wednesday. What was the present(s)? Let's see... A chocolate mirror disguised as a Cadbury Hazelnut bar and a Cadbury Hazelnut bar disguised as a chocolate mirror. The chocolate bar was finished before third period, by none other than Hin Ling, Sheau Hui, May Gel, Jen Win & moi... XD

Today was alright... Hin Ling brought a magazine and everyone was clambering for it... Made styrofoam snow again, this time all over Yean Chi and on Mun You's head... XD During Chinese class I got told off for my earring, then almost forgot about it (it was on my desk =x) When I got out of class (so coincidetally simultaneous with Wai Ming =x), I got my fifth birthday present. =)

Zynga games isn't loading for me, so I guess I'll try again later... XD

The handmade (most likely) birthday card from my aunt~

Here's Jen Win advertising Hsin Yiee's birthday present (almost a month late) - a banana arm rest~ XD

And lastly, Wan Qing's banana pencil case in Yean Chi's SanDisk portable fan box~ =x

Monday, October 19, 2009

Makeup attempt #3

Suddenly jumping to number three isn't really practical, but the first two attempts were horrible.
Attempt #1 was a shot at Haze Long's Cool Eye Makeup ( I did as she did, gold and bronze, but my strong color (a rather light purple) wasn't strong enough and I used the wrong technique. According to the tutorial, an angled brush was to be used to apply the strong color, and as if you were applying eyeliner. Instead, I used a cotton bud and applied it as if I was applying eyeshadow.
Attempt #2 was Emeraude's latest 2in1 Gothic Vampire Tutorial for girls and boys~ (VK inspired) ( My aunt had left a small tube of liquid liner here, so I thought I'd experiment. The results turned out badly. Like Amelia said, we should use pencil liner before using the advanced liquid liner.

Attempt #3 turned out OK, but my 2.0MP phone-cam couldn't capture the colors. This was more like shot #2 at Haze Long's Cool Eye Makeup. This time, I used the two shades of matte brown from the Maybelline New York Trio Eyeshadow in Three Chocolate (my fave palette XD) and a tiny bit of the shimmer. For the strong color, I used an emerald green from the Caelygirl Shimmering Day Sparkling Eyes palette. For the mascara I had wanted to use the Flamingo one that we had (tested Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing against Flamingo, and Flamingo didn't give as much as a chunky feeling to the lashes as Majolica, but they're both alright). The lip color didn't turn out really well, but still alright, 'cause I used a rather dark color.



And a little playing with the liquid liner~

I had a little fun with the liquid liner last night... XD
My 'model' - my sis... XD I don't have Adobe Photoshop (I think), and I don't know how to use it yet. I'll experiment and maybe the pics will turn out a little better next time... =)

Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence - Phantasmagoria (lyrics)

Ano oka no mukou ishidatami no michi ni ukabu hidamari to anata no suki na piano no oto
Arifureta hibi no dekigoto ga itsumademo kono oto ni yadoru
Kasa ga naku hi mo tsukimichiru hi mo futari deatta hi no koto mo

Ikiteiru koto nagareteiru chi wo kodou wo kikasetekure

I wish... heaven aitakute
Itsumademo aifureta hibi wo ayumu
I wish... heaven aitakute
Toki no yukue kono mama de isasete

Hitori de mukatta tsuki akari no michi de omoi kaesu no wa anata to kiita piano no oto
Dare no koe mo iranai ima mo ano oto go kikoetekuru kana
Kioku wo koete anata ga mieru futari deatta hi no you ni

Ikiteiru koto nagareteiru chi wo kodou wo kikasetekure

I wish... heaven aitakute
Amari ni mo tsumetakute shizuka sugite
I wish... heaven aitakute
Toki no tobira aku koto wa nai anata no hitomi mo

Eien no seijaku na no ka? nozomi wa kanaerareru no ka?
"sayounara no kotoba wa iwanai." ima sugu anata ni aenai keredo...

I wish... heaven kono sekai wo anata wa mada shiranakute ii konakute ii
I wish... heaven toki ga kureba itsu demo aeru kara

I wish... heaven ai ni kite futatabi inochi wo yadoshita kara

I wish... heaven
I wish... heaven
I will look at
Ano hi made...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 in 1 birthday celebration

My birthday is on Monday and my aunt's 3 days after that. Since she was in town for a friend's son's wedding dinner, we might as well celebrate the birthday together. Our cake was made up of one third of three flavours - Chocolate Indulgence, Durian Cheese and New York Cheese (from Secret Recipe, of course... =x)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone~!
Made-on-request plaque by my aunt specially for me~
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae DVD from sis~
My birthday card... So much for sweet 16... =x

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Utakata - Kagrra (lyrics + translation)

Negai wa anata ni furisosogu
Sotto kanashimi wo koete
Itsuka futatabi deaeru to
Naiteita anata no yokogao wo omou yo

Desire pours down on you
Beyond sorrow
If ever we met once more
I would think of your tears


Yururi toki wa nagarete
Haruka mukashi no koto wo,omouyo
Ano hi ni mita hoshi wa
Nani yori kagayaite
Eien wo tashikani kanjite

Time flows by
Remembering things from a distant past
On that day the stars
Sparkled more than anything
And I felt eternity


Negai wa anata ni furisosogu
Sotto kanashimi wo koete
Itsuka futatabi deaeru to wo
Naiteita anata no yokogao wo omouyo

Desire pours down on you
Beyond sorrow
If ever we met once more
I would think of your tears


Dakarete hakanaku chita omoi wa
Azayakani saki hokoru hana no you
Sugiyuku kisetsu wo ikudo megureba
Kono koe wa anata ni kikoeru darou

These fragile scattered thoughts
Brillant like a flower in full bloom
However,often we pass the seasons by
I’m sure you can hear my voice


Deai soshite wakare wo
Ikura kurikaeshitemo nagareru
Namida ni itsuno hi ka
Oborete shimau hodo
Mune no naka anata de afurete

Meeting and parting
However, much we look back it’s already washed away
By tears, and when
Will they flow so much I will drown
By thoughts of you


Negai wa anata ni furisosogu
Meguru unmei no hate ni
Itsuka futatabi deaeru to wo
Shinjiteru kono omoi wo ima utarateru

Desire pours down on you
At the end of our fate
If ever we met once more
I believe in these feelings I am singing of


Dakarete hakanaku chita omoi wa
Azayakani saki hokoru hana no you
Sugiyuku kisetsu wo ikudo megureba
Kono koe wa anata ni kikoeru no

These fragile scattered thoughts
Brillant like a flower in full bloom
However, often we pass the seasons by
I’m sure you can hear my voice


Tatoeba kono se ni hane ga aru nara
Tabidatta anata wo oikakete
Togireta kioku no ito wo tsunagete
Mou ichido anata wo dakishimetakute

If I had wings on my back
I would follow you
On the thread of my memory
And hold you once more


Negai wa anata ni furisosogu
Sotto kanashimi wo koete

Desire pours down on you
Beyond sorrow

Thursday, October 15, 2009

=~MV~= #2

Finally told him yesterday after school... He asked me why, I told him I've decided to follow my mother's advice. He then wanted to know what my mother had told me... The next morning he sent me a message, saying that he'll respect my decision and hopes that our friendship will last...

Once again, I skipped school to go to MV. With Estee as well, and also another friend of her's joined the duo - Kyo. Arrived at school like usual, then headed to nearby mamak to change. After changing, walked to opposite LRT station to take U71 bus to MV (first time with friends~).

Arrived there, and like the previous time, most of the shops hadn't opened yet, so we waited opposite Kamdar while the guy wanted to know about the relationship. Apparently Kyo also knows him, and said he was a super-cute hyper kid during primary school. We more or less wandered around, went to talk a stroll in The Gardens, then back to the initial mall, then we decided on a movie since the three of us had walked through MV countless times and we were to be there till around 3pm. The initial choice was G-Force, but there was only the 3D version and it costed RM17 per person. So that one was out, we were stuck for choice till the lady at the counter suggested Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs.
The movie finished at around 3pm, so we headed home (more or less). We headed opposite MV to the bus stop and waited for U71. After a rather long time of waiting, it finally arrived, and it was loaded.
I got off near Endah Parade so that I didn't have to walk all the way from school home, while Kyo & Estee wanted to get off at school. Arrived home at around 4pm, quickly took my bath and here I am.
Total expenses
Bus ticket = RM1.90
Movie ticket = RM9/=
I finally found some cheap liquid liner at Hinode (compared to the price at Sinma anyway, I still hadn't checked out Sasa's). But I've yet to purchase it. I think it'll have to wait for next month as I'm seriously broke right now... =x

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I finally said it...
But I'm feeling horrible...
He asked me why...
I can't answer him...
Or should I?
I'm confused...
Seeing other people it looked so easy...
Yet it took me a long time to summon my courage...
What should I do?
I hate this...
The feeling that I've hurt someone...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cassis - the GazettE (lyrics & translation)

Cassis - the GazettE

Zutto kurikaeshiteta zutto kanashimasete bakaridatta
Kitto anata sae mo kizutsukete boku wa ugokenu mama
Anata ni fureru koto ga naze konnani kurushii no desuka?
Kitto onaji koto wo kurikaeshite anato wo ushinatte shimau no ga kowakatta kara

I repeated it for a long time. I made you sad for a long time.
I must have hurt you. Now I still cannot move.
Why is it so painful to touch you?
I think it is because I was afraid of making the same mistake and losing you.


Yorisou kotode nuguoutoshita wasure kirena kattahi wo
Anata wa nani mo kikazu ni konote wo nigitte kure tane

I tried to recover the unforgettable days to stay close to each other.
You hold my hand without asking anything.


Ashita anata no kimochi ga hanarete mo
Kitto kawarazu aishiteiru
Ashita anata ni boku ga mienakute mo
Kitto kawarazu aishiteiru
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to future in which you are...

Even if you don't love me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Even if you don't see me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are…


Tsurai koto sae wasureru kurai
Anata wo omotteiru
Aenai yoru mo kazoeru tabi ni

I love you so much that I forget any suffering.
My heart feels pain every time I count the days we cannot meet.


Kake chigai no sabishi sa tsunoru
Douka hitori kiri de naka naide
Donna ni hanarete ite mo
Shinjiaeru futari de iyou

The loneliness is piling up. Please don’t cry alone.
Even if we are so far away, we can believe each other.


Douka kono mama waratteitai
Anata wo kizutsuke sasenai de
Toki ga tatsutabi usureteitta
Ashita anata no kimochi ge hanarete mo
Kitto kawarazu aishiteiru
Ashita anata ni boku ga mienakute mo
Kitto kawarazu aishiteiru
Douka boku dake wo mitsumeteite
Douka kono te ga tokenu you

I wish to smile as it is. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.
I don't want to repeat such feelings, which have kept fading each time.
Even if you don't love me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Even if you don't see me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Please, only look at me. Please, don’t let our hands separate.


I will walk together, to future not promised
It keeps walking together, to future in which you are...

Sources: &

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Munyou's birthday!!

1pm waited at King's for Natalie* to arrive. Got the cake then headed for Island RED Cafe near Saujana. Upon arriving there, surveyed the area for another 'quieter' place. She chose Crown Palace Restaurant a few doors away from Doggie Doggie, and ordered all things vegetarian for Munyou. Today's presentees - Hoe Jun, Evelyn, Hui Ping, Munyou, Natalie and me. Ate till around 3pm then headed home. The cake was pretty good (opposed to my earlier assumption about blueberry cake). ^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Arrived at school as usual then waited for Estee* opposite school. I had breakfast at the mamak then changed clothes. We walked back to our school area and flagged a cab. Arrived at the LRT station, got our tickets, then changed trains to KTM and straight to MV. We arrived there fairly early, the shops weren't open yet, so we hung out for a while on a bench near Nichii.

At around 10, went around the place looking at random stuff. At one point we went to Sinma to check out the accessories, and coincidentally spotted the makeup rack. Since the makeup tutorials I've seen mostly involves liquid liner, I thought I'd get one to experiment, but the Korean one in Sinma was RM23, but I didn't check SASA's liner price, I'll see when I get the chance, then I'll go have a little peek. Went to FOS and also looked at accessories, but since we were on a tight budget, we didn't get anything...yet. Walk, walk, walk... Walked to Bata to check out canvas sneaks, unfortunately, none of them caught my eye as the pair I currently own has caught mine. Then passed by Bonita when Estee suddenly pulled me over there. The big promotional "3 for RM10" sign for earrings was, as for most women, irresistible. I chose three pairs in fulfilment of the promotion - cross ones which caught my eye at a stall near McD, but they were RM8 each, fork-and-spoon ones for OS and starry ones for Yuriko.
Walked back up to the stalls near World of Feng Shui so Estee could get her watch. After that had lunch at McD opposite GSC, then went home by LRT, KTM and by foot. Arrived home at around 1.35pm. So, today's expenses:
Taxi = RM5.70/2 = RM2.85
LRT + KTM = RM1.70 x 2 = RM3.40
Breakfast @ mamak = RM2.50
Lunch @ McD = RM7.95 + 5% tax = RM8.35
Earrings from Bonita = RM10/=

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Woke up at 2pm yesterday, then got about having lunch. Mum called to confirm about the guitar classes that was supposed to commence at 9.30pm that night. I called Ammonite and informed them that I was unable to attend class and asked to be informed when my replacement class is rescheduled. Mum was getting home only at 6pm, but the others were going at 5.30pm to help out. After a few hours of waiting for replies, confirmations and manicure XD, I finally got mum's permission to go with XY to QiQi's place. Lebbie and Lessie were barking at us like mad. Hung around to wait for Qing to arrive, but it turned out that she didn't know how to get to QiQi's place. So we went to pick her and her pot of tau foo fa up from near 7-Eleven.

Arrived there after thinking we were lost (Jalan Badang is long, man) at 6+pm. Almost the whole of WaiKit's house was yellow... The guys - Hoe Jun, Ken Seng, Hai Weng, Mun You & Jeffrey. The girls - Hin Ling, Sheau Hui, Qing, QiQi, XY & moi. Wai Kit saw us with lala and tau foo fa, he almost fainted. He had bought 40 chicken wings and there was lost of other stuff like oyster mushrooms, meatballs, fishballs, squid, fish tofu, etc. Apparently I was the only girl in jeans and heels there, which attracted lots of comments from the girls. I had planned my attire since the whole thing was being planned - by khaki three-quarter pants and the only long -shirt I had. But since OS had worn my pants to school, I had to go with jeans. Since Mun You is a goodie-two-shoes vegetarian, Wai Kit had prepared a special vege pot for him, and the only thing he could BBQ were the oyster mushrooms, which, much to his dismay, were gone in a flash. While us girls ate, the guys were filling water balloons in the backyard, then brought them to the front and pelted each other till all of them were soaking.

After a supposed group photo, QiQi's dad picked the girls up to her place. While waiting for parents etc, I got LevanPolka (Miku vers.) and Kamui Gakupo's version of Girlfriend XD. I nearly finished up the chicken wings (which the guys flash-BBQed), which brought my consumation total to around 6. XY's parents came and gave me (and my two large bags of Twisties XD) a ride home. I took note of the new baby gate, then went up to my mum's room to announce my safe return. I quote from The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant - I was greeted coldly. Why? Because I returned just before the stroke of midnight (I think). Maybe from now on I'll boycot her requests to get me out of the house. Anyway, took my bath, cleaned up the mess in my dog's area, read the newspapers then went to around 2.30am.
XY's burnt sausage...
Black pepper BBQed oyster mushies...

The girl's group pic...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Have, Had & Want... XD


Casio Exilim EX-S600 digicam
BenQ-Siemens EF51 MP3 phone
Nokia 2100 mobile phone

OPPO A105K mobile phone
L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume
OPPO V3 MP4 player
Yamaha CG40A classical guitar
American Cocker Spaniel

Sony VAIO notebook
Sony T-series digicam
Long-haired miniature dachshund
Nokia N76 mobile phone
Armor ring from NANA
Electric guitar
Maine Coon cat
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Coastal Scents 88 palette